Hot water battle

He and I

“Bobo, do you remember when we used to burn each other?” What a twisted thing to say , some of you will think but hey, to each their own. So, our new home, our new bed. Oh but the empty, cold bedroom. Darn the cold wintery nights. Even the radiator turned up to its highest capacity does not warm the cold chill of the bedroom.

Especially the moment you enter the bed and it hits you, the cold bed linen pressed against your naked leg, and arms. You try and set yourself to the position where you make sure you aren’t touching any part of your body to the cold linen underneath.

But then hey presto! What an amazing husband I have. He comes in with a hot water bottle and drops it at the foot of the bed, nothing like a nice warm hot water bottle to snuggle up to in an unpleasantly cold bed.

Hot water bottles, what are they for? To provide warmth, typically while in bed right? Not in our house it isn’t.

Hot water bottle in our house is a weapon. A battle we fight.

How could we possibly battle with a ‘hottie’ you ask? Ah, definitely not throwing it at each other, now that would be dangerous. The aim is to press the opponent’s limbs or other body parts against the ‘hottie’. See who gets burnt more.

Ahhh, let the battle of the hot water bottle commence.

I did say, twisted.


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