Wilderness ~ Dive In. Take Flight. Begin your Rule


What is wilderness?

The best description I have come across is as below from wilderness.net

Wilderness is the land that is – rare, wild places where one can retreat from civilization, reconnect with the Earth, and find healing, meaning and significance.

The Wilderness journey is a journey of self-expression and extravagance. Below is our take as a character, indulging into our passion and exuberant side from Wilderness 2015.

Ancient Mariner and merfolk – “All rivers lead to the ancient sea which is flooded with Mariners and Merfolk. Mermaids bask on rocks and slip under the waves. Ships and boats captained by wild men of the sea dock at the port of chaos. Sirens and seafarers are guided in by the music and the lighthouse. Listen for the songs of the sirens, dock your vessels and join the Mariners.” ~Wilderness HQ

Vintage Aviators – “An armada of flying machines. A conflation of ancient balloons, gliders, planes and blimp…” # Wilderness HQ

Sovereigns – “Stand proud, crown yourself a king of your own empire. A high queen of your own realm. Come to the valley, bejewelled.” ~ Wilderness HQ


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