We are not THAT poor!

He and I

We have a thing for being thrifty.

We try and be thrifty as much as we can in our daily lives, so that we have more to spend on travel and dates and other fun things. However I should say that Sunny is thriftier than I am.

So he had an old black bin bag filled with party goods, like party plates, party hats, cups and cutleries, place mats and napkins. They were in great condition and I had thought to keep them and use them sometime in the far future, you know like when we had kids and had to throw a birthday party.

So up it was in the attic, and we were planning our first ever big scale Garden Party/BBQ. He took out the “party bag” and said, “We should use this, No?” I looked at him. “Oh, I thought we were going to save that for our children,” I said.

And this readers, is the best line, I tell you.

He looked at me with bewilderment. “Children?” he exclaimed, as if I had lost my mind.  “We are poor, but not THAT poor.”


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