Two seats too far…

He and I

Coming back from our trip to Venice, we were allocated two separate seats. In fact, I was two seats behind him on the other side of the aircraft.

We put our bags on the overhead compartment, took our seats. “Gosh, finally some peace and quiet,” I said. He looked at me and gave me his cheeky grin. “Its good to be apart for a bit, isn’t it,” I wanted his input also.

He replied my giving me the middle finger.

Just then another couple walked into the aircraft. Like us, they too had been allocated separate seats. The guy was in front of my Sunny and the girl was in front of me. She moaned at him. “Try and ask the man if he can swap seat”. The poor guy, he does as asked but the man refused to give up his window seat.

The girl is grumpy and grouchy. She has that aura, “I am mad because I want to be seated next to my sweetheart”. I want to punch her in the face, but I started reading the magazine from the holder placed on the seat in front of me.

From the corner of my eye I can see Sunny trying his damnedest not to laugh. We catch each other’s eyes, and I flipped him a V.

How contrary?

On one side we have a couple, sweethearts who cant bear to be apart for nary a minute, and then, there is Us.


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