He said, she-shed

He and I

We have a lovely brick built space in the backyard. Sunny likes to call it The Den.

“I am turning it into a Man cave” he said. Being a supportive spouse I said to him, “OK.”

The next few weekends we started work on it. Cleaning it up. We placed old wooden pallets inside. Turned them into a mini cot. We bought some giant cushions. Placed it on top.
We had some old Indian bedsheets and rugs. We topped the cushions with that.

The back of the pallets, we sprayed with paint. Aztec desgins, that is the fashion these days, I informed him. Silver and Golden triangular patterns.

We had an old Buddha wall mask, which we found in my dad in laws shed. I put that up on the wall.

A beautiful plaque , shabby and chic, my friend had given me as a present. We put that up on the wall.

Some mini flowerpots, with clouds on the heads to create a rainy cloud effect, that went up on the walls, with some pretty flowers planted inside.

The ceilings, we dressed in an old sari, my mum in law was throwing out.

Our cousins had gifted us some beautiful turkish lanterns, those were hung from the ceiling.

That was it. It was all done. We stood back to stare at the ‘masterpiece’ we had just finished.

I stood there proud. Looking across Sunny seemed confused. He scrathed his head, and creaked his neck a little. Perhaps trying to look at it from a differrent angle.

“It just doesnt seem right,” he says. “Whatever do you mean?”  I asked innocently and turned away. A smug grin on my face. Indeed, I had helped him.

I had helped him to turn The Den into a She-shed.


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