Come into our Parlour


My prized possession I would have to say is my house. My home, a home that Sunny and I built together. It’s a fruit of our hard work. It’s our treasure; it’s our pride and joy. It’s our baby. We had a lot of renovation work done on it and for this blog I will post about the Living room makeover. You will also find before and after pictures, to see the difference.

The very first thing we did with the living room was get rid of the existing old and mangy 70s decor. The fireplace which was newly installed but such a bad taste in decoration just had to be removed. The house had a fully functioning chimney, and I knew right away that I wanted a fireplace. A beautiful stove. We went on a mission. We searched high and low for the best style and price.

These things are pretty expensive, but if I was going to build a home from scratch I knew I was going to have the best thing. After weeks of searching we found the perfect one.

Our fireplace during Christmasfieplace

The next thing we wanted was to change the floors. The current carpet smelt of urine and cat litter. It just had to go. We got rid of the carpets and added in brand new solid wood floors. This was Sunny’s choice. I had no idea on how to progress with the floors.

Solid hardwood flooring

After the floors and fireplace were installed, we finished the room of with a new lick of paint. We decided on having a feature wall. This was quite important for me and we had to choose the colour carefully. It had to be something bold, yet humble. The main feature of the room was going to be the fireplace and I didn’t want attention taken away from it. The wall would in fact bring the focus to the stove.

At that time, my heart was set on pastel colours and vintage decor. I still am a sucker for these by the way. In a whim I decided I would go with Grey and voila…

Grey Wall IMG_0188

Finishing with a wall mask and look at the fire go. It is truly magnificent at Christmas. (cant wait to put up Christmas posts) IMG_0190

Extra accessories for the room include:

  • Sheep skin rug: from Habitat.
  • Globe bar stand from a German dealer.
  • Hanging wall Buddha mask, from a crafter in Nepal.
  • Wooden Chest – can be used as a table and we store blankets and cushions inside.

Before the makeover it looked like this



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