He and I

One night we were home, sitting, watching a TV show.

There was a scene where a couple were taking a midnight stroll in the park and someone comes to mug them.

“Gimme your money,” or something he says, and at this point, the guy on the date made a run for it, leaving the girl to deal with the mugger and a bewildered look on her face.

The two of us, we laughed. Then I got serious and looked at Sunny, “You wouldn’t do that to me, would you.”

“Off course not, I will always save you,” he re-assured me. We finished the show and got ready to go to bed.
We stood side by side as we did our nightly routines when all of a sudden…

Sunny screamed and pushed me on the bed.

There on my beautiful yellow comforter, I came face to face with a spider.

Then as if by quirk of fate, he said, “I will always save you, except a spider. I will let it attack you first.”


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