Happy Things

He and I

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make me happy. I find I enjoy the simple things in life and the smallest of things can brighten my day. So, here is a list of things I just thought of that cheer me up immensely. I am sure there are more I could add. They are in no particular order as follows. Count and see how many of these match your list of happy things too. 🙂

  1. Writing stories
  2. Eating freshly baked cookies
  3. Making up words, baby words
  4. Being lost in a book
  5. Walking through cool grass barefoot
  6. Chocolate cake
  7. Waking up in the morning and knowing I can sleep the day away
  8. English Country Gardens
  9. Robins
  10. Birds in a bird bath
  11. Swallows
  12. Feeling safe
  13. Wildflowers
  14. English cottages
  15. Meadows
  16. Disney Films
  17. Rain
  18. Pixar Films
  19. Preparations of an event I am about to organise
  20. Dreaming wildly
  21. Slopping around in my husband’s boxers and t-shirt
  22. Pumpkin
  23. Hosting a party
  24. Walking without destination
  25. Writing in general, Just writing
  26. Gift wrapping
  27. The smell of new books
  28. Autumn
  29. Being a part of a wonderful supportive and creative community
  30. Christmas Decorations
  31. Writing blogs
  32. Alliums
  33. An ice cold beer in a long hot afternoon
  34. Having a home that’s just the right size for my needs
  35. 80s clothes
  36. Sunflowers
  37. Butterflies
  38. The smell of lemongrass
  39. Knowing everything is going to be ok
  40. Getting great feedback and responses on my work
  41. The scent of
  42. Watermelons
  43. fresh lavender
  44. Bumble bees
  45. The internet
  46. Remembering old jokes and laughing like it’s the first time
  47. Wearing a crown
  48. Cuddling
  49. Fairy Lights
  50. Building a fort
  51. Halloween
  52. Writing cards
  53. Making a gift for someone
  54. Planning a holiday
  55. 80s pop music
  56. Reading documents in Adobe
  57. Pretty hats and bonnets
  58. Organising events
  59. Creating something meaningful
  60. Pretty cocktail sticks
  61. Seeing wildlife
  62. Reading out loud
  63. Picnics
  64. Feeding ducks
  65. Castles
  66. My neighbour’s canaries and their songs
  67. Cucumber
  68. Camping
  69. Buntings
  70. History
  71. Seeing piles of unorganised books
  72. Festivals
  73. Dress-ups
  74. Anything roasted with sesame oil
  75. Beatrix Potter stories
  76. Coming into a clean home
  77. Pictures of watermelon
  78. Head accessories
  79. Sapphires
  80. Doing Crafts in general
  81. Cosy spaces
  82. Ribbons
  83. Being in a party shop
  84. Browsing on Pinterest
  85. Tutus
  86. Annoying my husband and knowing he still loves me in spite of it all
  87. Dipping my bare feet in a cool body of water
  88. Pinching chubby baby’s cheeks
  89. Playing with children
  90. Floppy toys
  91. Pinching my mum’s cheek
  92. Having people ask me for ID to prove I am over 18
  93. Balloons
  94. Refreshing a look of my home
  95. Pastel colours
  96. The colour Yellow
  97. Emeralds
  98. Perfume
  99. Banana milkshakes
  100. Travelling
  101. Bright and colourful doors
  102. Being in a library
  103. Antique shops
  104. Flowers in general
  105. Being in hobby craft
  106. Cabbage patch dolls
  107. Craft blogs
  108. Summery pictures
  109. Campfires
  110. Party decorations
  111. Jemima Puddle duck
  112. Peter Rabbit
  113. Being able to look out my front window and see trees and grass
  114. Enid Blyton’s Stories
  115. The smell of rainfall hitting the ground
  116. Boobies
  117. Knowing I’ve had a positive impact on someone’s life
  118. Meeting amazing, inspiring, people
  119. Women empowering other women
  120. Spending time in my garden
  121. Hot chocolate and biscuits to dunk in them
  122. Pillow talk
  123. Tents
  124. Sunny’s bum
  125. The colour green, Emerald green
  126. Singing annoyingly on the top of my voice
  127. Lipsticks
  128. Small cute figurines
  129. Momos
  130. Otters
  131. Flamingos
  132. English Literature

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