Come gather at our table.


After blogging about our living room (Come in to our Parlour), I wanted to write something about our Dining room too. This post is about our Dining room renovation. This is what it looked like when we moved in.


Everything just had to go!

This was going to be a place where we entertained guests over a dinner party, or, a cheese night. Sunny is a big cheese enthusiast. This was the room where we would have a meal as a family, or, just gorge on cheese. Did I mention, that Sunny is a big cheese enthusiast?

My parents gifted us with a dining table set. A circular, pine table and chairs. It was small and pretty and perfect for the room.The carpets were replaced with the solid wood floors, like that of the living room. We used the same grey paint left over from the living room to paint the outer wall of this room. We installed a pull down table on the corner of the room, for more storage space and also space to layout food and drinks while entertaining guests.

The only thing that is lacking or I would like now, is an artwork, a painting perhaps, something that would pique the audience’s interest and be a topic of conversation. How lovely it would be to have it gifted!  (Cousin Manil, I look at you, if you are reading this, ha-ha!).

Extra accessories:

  • Cabbage ceramic bowl and lid from Portugal
  • Large flower vase which we turned into a plant aquarium.
  • Solid Wooden chair, serves as a stand for our plant.
  • Wooden Ceiling light

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