Sweet Child O’

He and I

This isn’t purely related to us that much, but we were at a family function once. Like normal on his side where the grandmother from the oldest uncle and the youngest daughter of the 5th cousin are all invited.

So we were standing there patiently, politely. Our heads bowed. A prayer was going on. This time I wasn’t going to shout out the Battle cry. Remember Jai Jinendra?

There were kids running around, oblivious to the fact that a prayer was going on. A little girl ran up to her mummy, who was standing beside us. She pulled on her skirt, asking without words to be carried.

Her mother lifted her up, into her arms. She stared at her mother, wide eyed, like little bambi. I watched her through the corner of my eye.

She was a beautiful little girl, with beautiful eyes, like I said, just like bambi. She is perhaps four or five. She wore a beautiful white frock, a sweet little thing, an innocent little thing. An angel.

Out of nowhere, she had her finger pointed at her mother. It was pointing at something rather particularly. She was aiming.

And then, she said “Mummy, can I poke you in the eye?”


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