Gold & Glitters and Wedding Jitters

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Recently, I posted, ‘Everything was illuminated. Today’s post is more about the centrepieces and why I did it that way.

For our wedding I decided that I wanted to create my own centrepieces. I felt that wedding nowadays were so very materialistic. There was nothing personal and intimate about it. We did have a lot of discussions and persuasion within family about what we wanted, and how we wanted it. In the end, there was a lot of compromising, and thus I felt the centrepieces were very, very important to me.

This was what I wanted people to remember from my wedding, (apart from my entrance that is). I wanted people to know and remember that I liked the personal touches. I liked the little things, and so I set about creating my own centrepieces.

The first thing I did was collect bottles. These were mostly Champagne and wine and spirit bottles I collected over the year in which I had to prepare for the wedding. These bottles were to be the main centrepieces. I also collected a lot of small glass jars. I had baby food jars, jam jars, pickle jars, and spice jars from anyone and everywhere. I put notices up in face book, sent emails at work to staff and put notes through my neighbour’s doors.

The bottles ~ I had some help from my bridesmaids, especially my best friend and maid of honour who was in Sydney at the time. She helped write small stories about the different experiences and things me and Sunny had shared over the years leading up to the wedding. There were about 40 bottles in total, and each had an intimate story about our journey.

The bottles were first washed and dried, then spray painted either gold or silver or a mixture of both. I had typed up the stories and printed them on a label to stick them onto the bottle. The bottles were also going to serve as the table names. You can see the details here.

The jars ~ I had to be creative with the jars. Only having the bottles on the table would still make the table look bare and empty. The jars were going to be the added accessories on the table. I came up with (thanks to my best friend and Pinterest) various jar decoration ideas as follows:

  • Spray paint with elastics to create a pattern
  • Decorated with sequins and ribbons
  • Dipped jars in paint let it drip
  • Plain jars decorated with lace and added pictures of us in the jar



I still have most of them in the house. I use them for decorations and just to add little touches in and around the house. They are much too precious for me to throw them out.


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