Glitter, Glow, Sparkle, All in a Bottle

Parties, Gifts & Crafts

Today’s post is about creating a little bit of magic using fairy lights and bottles.

We always love a good party and party means food… and DRINKS. More importantly alcoholic drinks. 🙂 And so, we always seem to have quite a few number of spirit bottles left over. Being a craft geek that I am, I knew these bottles deserved a good up cycle.

But what could you possibly use bottles for? I remembered being little and creating Glitter jars. But what good would that be now? So I thought, how about a grown up version of it? Instead of glitter, we could put real lights in them!

So here are some of our Magical Bottles.

Perfect for a quirky Party Light


Pretty romantic dinner light?


A fabulous gift


Or simply a fairy night light.


Whatever you want it for, glitter, glow and sparkle, all in a bottle.


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