Birthday Postcard Project

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This post is for everyone who helped in making this such a wonderful and exciting project to work on. This could not have been done without you. Thank you, all you splendid, magnificent people.


This year was hubby’s 35th birthday and also our 5 years anniversary. Not wedding anniversary, but 5 years of us being in a totally committed relationship anniversary. For me, it was a milestone which deserved a celebration, so, to commemorate both the birthday and the anniversary, I came up with this Postcard Project plus a surprise trip to Romania. This post is more about the Postcards, but I have tried to fit in everything leading up to the preparation.


I got the idea for this project from another online project which I am a part of, Postcrosing: Postcards connecting the world. I am aware that writing postcards may seem like an old fashioned approach, but

  1. It acts as an encouragement for more travels.
  2. They make excellent vintage-‘ey’ decoration. (I am a sucker for these).
  3. Nothing holds the same intimacy as putting pen to paper.
  4. Most importantly, nothing says, “You’re so important to me that I’m going to spend all this time and effort doing something I really don’t have to for you” (A big fat cheeky grin)

The idea was to overwhelm him with all the love and good wishes from all over the world, some from people he hasn’t even met yet. (What a fantastic way to introduce yourself to him!)


I contacted everyone I could think of (friends, family, relatives, and acquaintances) all over the world, asking, if they were willing to be a part of this project. I instructed each person to write a birthday message, and because it was also a milestone anniversary for us; to write a small line to remind him of how much I love him.

I then sent constant reminders to people who were interested and set up a spreadsheet to keep track of it all.


The plan was to create a backdrop effect, with clues for the other half of his birthday surprise (Romania trip). I created the backdrop by cutting up a lime green table cloth from the pound (£) shop. I tied a string across my curtain rail and hung the table cloths strips from the string. I then spread the postcards across the backdrop by attaching them to the strips with the mini pegs.

I laid a table out in the centre of the backdrop, topping it with a purple table cover and some decorations scattered across. I also included some clues for his birthday present, which were a picture of a brown bear, picture of a cartoon Dracula and the words Carpathian Mountains.

And to top it all off I hung some balloons from the end of the curtain rail. You’ve got to have balloons for a birthday!

What didn’t go as planned?

  • People ignored the message. I was hoping a lot more people would have been interested in this project.
  • People didn’t commit to sending it, even though they said yes.
  • I provided a deadline to send the postcards by but if it wasn’t sent out on time, it didn’t reach in time.
  • I wasn’t expecting a lot of customised postcards. I was looking for something old school, (use pen, not computer, buy a postcard, and don’t customise one). But perhaps my instructions were vague. However some of the customized cards were extremely cute.


In spite of it all, it was amazing to see how so many of you made the effort and sent the postcards, be it from the shelf or customised. Needless to say, he was thrilled and overwhelmed by it all. He seemed a bit taken aback, and it took a while for him to take it all in. He spent a fair amount of time reading all the messages. He asked lots of questions. He was keen and interested about people he hasn’t even met yet. He was delighted. He was ecstatic. He was over the moon.

So, once again I would like to thank all you wonderful, beautiful, amazing people who helped in making this project possible.


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