Everything and the Kitchen Sink


I have been sharing bits and pieces of my home, so far the living room and the dining room. Today I am posting about our Kitchen.  Let’s look at the before pictures first.


This house was well maintained, and everything inside was pretty hardy and solid. The only problem was, it had old and ugly 70s decor. I probably could have adapted to that, but I really didn’t want to. I wanted to do my own thing. I wanted to put my own stamp on it. Our stamp on it. Sweetpea and Sunflower.

The aim was to go for a traditional cottage kitchen look.

Many kitchens these days have tiles. For some reason I really dislike tiles. I wasn’t too keen on leaving the kitchen with plain walls either. Hence I decided on stone, but I hadn’t a clue where to get stones or who would install them. Luckily, I came across Travertine slabs, in a hardware store, in my local area. They were beautiful. Travertines are a form of limestone deposited from minerals springs and this particular brand had come all the way from Israel.

The next thing we set off for was a kitchen stove. I had looked online quite vigorously, and found a perfect stove that I knew would give my kitchen that country cottage feels.


We couldn’t decide on the flooring for the kitchen. We didn’t want the same rustic wooden floors. I was concerned about the damage it would get from the kitchen. So in the end, I just went with a cream coloured Vinyl floor.  It’s not our favourite thing but we had to settle for something.

The shelves and cabinets on the walls were pretty solid. All it needed was a bit of a revamp. We found an online cabinet door maker and provided them measurements of the cabinet door sizes and the style we wanted.


Once the doors arrived, we fitted that in, and for extra oomph, I got Sunny to fit in colourful fruit and vegetable knobs.

For paint we went with a neutral colour of Hessian from the Dulux range. It was the closest colour I could find that matched and also contrasted a little with the travertine.

Here is the overall picture of the Kitchen.


For Extra accessories please watch out for my upcoming post, Kitchen Highlights.


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