Kitchen Highlights

First of all, thank you to everyone for the lovely comments about my kitchen. My Kitchen post misses out so many of the little touches I have put in place. In fact there just wasn’t enough room to write about them all. You can see a few of them in the pictures; however, I have dedicated this post exclusively to the small touches.


1.       Water pump sink tap: When I was younger, my grandparents had a water pump installed on the well, in our courtyard, in Nepal, and it always intrigued me so much. I knew this was something I would love to have as a tap in my kitchen.


2.       A retro microwave: It definitely could not be anything modern or contemporary. I still wanted that traditional feel and this matched with the stove. (Image:


3.       Retro Milk Bottles: Believe it or not, these are actual milk bottles from the late 70s and early 80s. They have advertisements on them. My dad-in-law had them all stacked up in his garage (You can see one that says Leicester Mercury). This was no place for these gorgeous, beautiful things. So, with a bit of soap and water,and some cleaning, it became my spice storage.


4.       Fruit plate: So I walked into an antique store near Devon, and what do I see? This beautiful piece of treasure. What was not to love? The yellowness of it and the sunflowers, it screamed, “Buy me, buy me.”


5.       Teapot light shade: This was one of the first surprises Sunny got for me when we bought the house. He knew I would love it, and I do!


6.      Cutlery Holder: Again, storage issues and wanting something pretty. (Image:


7.   Cabinet handles: I had seen these little knobs in Italy once. I had forgotten about them, but since I was doing up the house I remembered those little grape like handles and said “we get something like that For the kitchen .” They  add a bit of colour to the plain white doors. (Image:


8.    Barrel for wine: we like to be stocked well, especially with booze. Every now and again we enjoy a good glass of wine or a gin or rum or beer. We picked this up at a sale in British Home Stores.img_0467

9.    Potato Sack: Well, where else would you put your potatoes?


10.    Onion Crate: and the onions?


11.    Mortar and pestle: These cuties were gifted to Sunny by his old flat mates. I love cute stuff, so up it went on display. They do work as well. I have grounded  many garlics and gingers, and fennel, and,  cumin seeds in it.


12.    Coffee grinder: I gifted this to Sunny, a) because he loves his coffee and b) it was just too cute!



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