This is Dashain

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Holiday seasons are drawing near, Halloween, Guy Fawkes’s and soon Christmas will be upon us. What a perfect excuse to start heading to the loft and grabbing crates, and, cardboard boxes, full of decorations. But, I feel that we seem to give less enthusiasm or energy, when it comes to our cultural festivities. So, today is Dashain.

Dashain is a very big Nepali festival. You might say, it is an equivalent of Christmas celebrations in the West. It is an occasion to spend time with family, dress up in lovely, colourful clothes, and, have a grand feast.

After 15 years, of continuously celebrating Dashain with my family, I was a little crestfallen, that this year, it would just be me and hubby. But, to cheer myself up, I decided I would make some crafts and decorations, and, give Dashain the same festive energy, like that of the holiday seasons mentioned above.


The decorations don’t have to be entirely eastern or entirely western. You can always merge the great things about both and make it your own style.

I love creating backdrops. They make photos look so much more lively and cheerful. I have used a vintage Bunting and I also printed off my own Nepali lettered bubbles. I used bright colours as the background image and printed the words, Dashain ko Subhkamana, which translates to Greetings for Dashain. Red is a very important colour during Dashain. The tikas that you wear on the forehead are usually mixed with a Red colour to signify family bloodlines and closeness of family. Sometimes, people also use bright pink, but I think that’s more for aesthetic reasons. I have also seen some orange tika as well. That’s why I used Red, Pink and Orange as the background colours.


Speech Bubbles always make for a fun, photo booth prop, and it is so easy to create. Type your words on a document in a speech bubble, fill it with colours and texts of your choice, print it and cut it. Then stick it on a little stick to make these mini speech bubbles, which basically says, Happy Dashain in English and in Nepali.


There are a lot of things I am missing this year, especially Sel-roti and Pakku, but I am glad to have created my own little crafts and set up to celebrate this wonderful, festive occasion.

So, to everyone who is celebrating today, we wish you Dashain ko Subhkamana! 🙂



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