Smacked it, mate!

He and I

This post is extremely funny, because it is a conversation between two mid 30 year old men.A conversation between Sunny and an old friend of his.

I didn’t know anything about this, until he told me a few days after it happened.

We had been invited to a BBQ, and there, Sunny met an old uni friend, who he had been out of touch with. They greeted each other and talked, I don’t know; whatever long lost guy friends talk about after ages…

The friend motioned to him very subtly to go inside. Perhaps  to have private conversation,  and so they walked in for a bit. “Is that your wife mate?” the friend asked him. “Uh…Yeah, yeah,” Sunny replied.

‘Why would he pull me to the side to talk about my wife,’ he wondered to himself.

And then,  the friend said, with great enthusiasm, “You smacked it mate, smacked it!”


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