Dinner at The Twits


Halloween season continues with our grisly dinner experience at The Twits. You know The Twits, the horrible couple, who live in their windowless house and play ghastly pranks on each other. Yes, yes those very same Twits! Well, they invited us to Dinner and boy was it gruesome.

We arrived at their old and horrid home, greeted by their three circus monkeys. We were led into their ghastly garden, where we were offered a glass of Sting and Tonic, which was quite lovely. But dare I think about what was in it? Urgh, I really hope they hadn’t spit on it. We had to forage around for the said canapés, in their garden. We munched on some burnt bangers and bloodied hearts. The bangers were all right, but the hearts, they tasted as revolting as they looked. We also found some bird food scattered across the bird feeders, which hung from the trees. Yes, they were literally bird food, peanuts hanging off bird feeders. (That’s how I attract birds to my garden.)

The monkeys came and went, performing and serving, and we watched the show and marvelled at the disgusting environment that was created just for us.

The dinner itself was too perfect!

We almost lost our appetite. The aim of this experience, being as ghastly as possible, I think they succeeded very well.  We sat at a table called the Wart Hogs. We were served by the serving monkeys, coleslaw with insects lurking in them.  The potatoes looked dirty with mud splattered across them.   The pie looked horrifyingly fascinating. It had a claw sticking out of it, and then, we had a disturbing slimy sauce that just bubbled and bubbled in the middle of the table. The fact that we knew it was Parsley liquor was the only thing that prompted us to even try it.

For dessert, we were served pudding, which didn’t look as horrid as the rest of the meal. Throughout our meal, we were entertained very well by Mr and Mrs Twit. Sunny even got to do a role play. Since Mr and Mrs Twit, killed their only ordained circus monkey, who was meant to be present while they renewed their vows, Sunny got to play the role of the vicar. And he did it very well!

After the dinner was over we headed to the Upside Down Cocktail tavern and drank some other unusual drinks.  The experience itself was very amusing, and we would recommend you all try it. Go ahead, go and have dinner with the Twits!

Since, Mr and Mrs Twit didnt want us to take pictures during dinner, (well because it is rude to do so) we have very few pictures, but for the full list of menu, picture gallery, and information about the Twits visit: https://www.twitsdinner.com/


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