Thriller Time

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Hurrah!  It’s Halloween weekend, and so, we are planning our annual Halloween fest. I have been looking up some Halloween playlist, and every one of them includes Thriller!

Thriller brings back another memory for me.  Remember in Gold & Glitters and Wedding Jitters, I very briefly mentioned my wedding entrance.

Every bride wants their entrance to be amazing, I reckon.  But, I went a step further and made it amazing and entertaining. I worked with Bridesmaid 2 who was here in the UK with me, to create this ultimate bridal entrance. We worked on our routine and sent a video of the routine to my Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid 1 who were in Australia and New York respectively. When they arrived to the UK, a week before the wedding, we had some practice all together.

It wasn’t the world’s best dance routine, but it sure was amazing fun and most definitely something, that all the guests enjoyed and remembered.

So please enjoy this very short clip of my wedding entrance.

I hope you will be thrilled.


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