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See what I did with the title? 🙂

So we held our first spooktacular Halloween party last weekend (and it’s crossed off from Sunny’s bucket list, YES!). It was a whole lot of fun, thank you to everyone who came and made it amazing.

So for this post, I want to share some of the little touches I put up to make it all spooky!

Food and Drink Labels

These are super easy and super awesome to create. Plan out your meal and then think of the kind of gruesome things it could be labelled as. We had labels like, spider legs and locust legs which served to be perfect for food items like chicken wings and frankfurters. We also had unicorn dust and fur of a werewolf.

Drink labels in addition were totally astounding. Why don’t you decide for yourself, look at the pictures below.



All you do is Google, ‘Halloween food and drink labels’, select images you like, print it off and stick it on your drink bottles, or on a kebab stick and poke it on your food.

My favourite are the beer bottles and the Jack O’ Lantern!

Light up ghost accessory

We had lots of accessories to decorate our marquee with. Yes, we had an outdoor party, in our marquee and our den. Some of our decorations included, inflated ghosts and bats, spider webs, pirate costumes, broken shabby lanterns, witches broomsticks, Halloween banners and lots and lots of other cool things, but the best of them all was this light up talking skeleton. Although the label said it worked on sound sensor, it just went off at really random times, which completely frightened us.



You probably wondered, “Really, an outdoor party in the cold of October?” Well, we aren’t daft; we looked after our guests well and built up a lovely roaring fire. We had fun breaking wooden pallets, burning old clothes (lots and lots of underwear), and creating amazing colours in the flames. Luckily without planning, I also happened to have some Marshmallows, so it was great fun to have fire roasted marshmallows.




It wouldn’t be a Halloween party if there were no costumes involved. Sunny and I were pirates, who had invited all ghost and ghouls to our ‘tavern’. We had witches and wizards, ranging from Harry Potter to the Great Merlin and Orion. We had Phantom of the opera, Jack Sparrow and a teen wolf.


The Title for the best costume went to Teen Wolf! Totally awesome. Watch our halloween video here:

Faces and carvings

We carved pineapples this year instead of pumpkins. The rough texture on a pineapple makes it seem a lot more frightening than pumpkins in my opinion. Anyway, did you know the original Jack O’ Lantern was carved out of a turnip? Maybe we will try that next year.

I also drew some faces on little oranges and placed them around the food table. You could eat them or just watch their funny faces.

We tried growing a few collection of Pumpkin this year, from squash to warty gourds. Check out the faces we drew on the gourds. Well, why not?



Why not add these little touches for your party tonight or perhaps for next Halloween. Or why not share how your Halloween was?



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