Sushant and Sunaina go to London

Adventures, He and I

I have yet to meet my two adorable twin niece and nephew, but I hope they know they are loved very much. For their last birthday, I wrote them a story and fashioned a small book as a keepsake. When they are old enough to read and understand, I hope they will love it as much as I loved working on the project. So, for this post, here is the story.

Sushant and Sunaina were very excited. They were going to visit their dearest Sano Mummy Sweeda.

Sano Mummy Sweeda Lived in London. That was very far away from where Sushant and Sunaina lived. Sushant and Sunaina lived in Australia. They had to fly in an aeroplane to reach London.

Sano Mummy Sweeda was waiting for Sushant and Sunaina at the airport in London. She gave them both a very big cuddly hug and kissed them both on their cheeks. Sano Mummy Sweeda squashed them really tightly and it made Sunaina yelp and giggle. They went outside the airport and hailed for a London Black cab. The journey to Sano Mummy Sweeda’s house was very long and both Sushant and Sunaina fell asleep in the cab because they were very tired.

On Monday Sano Mummy Sweeda took Sushant and Sunaina into London City. They rode a big red double Decker bus. “Wow, a big red bus!” they exclaimed. “I want to sit on the top of the bus,” Sushant said and ran upstairs. Sunaina and Sano Mummy Sweeda followed. The bus stopped at the Tower of London. They got off the bus and were thrilled to see a big palace. “Wow” said Sunaina. “It looks like a castle.” They went inside and saw two knights in shining armour fighting with swords. “I want a sword,” said Sushant. “I want a sword too,” said Sunaina. “I am going to be a princess with a sword,” she finished. “And I will be a knight with a sword,” said Sushant.

Sano Mummy Sweeda was very sweet. She bought Sunaina a princess hat and a sword. She bought Sushant a knight helmet and a sword. Sushant and Sunaina were very happy with their new toys. They hugged Sano Mummy Sweeda and thanked her.

Next they went to see to Tower Bridge. The tower bridge was built on top of the river Thames. There were lots of people walking on the bridge. They could see little boats in the water too. Sano Mummy Sweeda asked them to stand in front of the bridge so that she could take pictures of them and send it to their Mummy and Daddy back home.

“We are going on the London tube now,” Sano Mummy Sweeda said to her niece and nephew. “Do you know what that is?” Both the children shook their head. “The London tube is the London underground train. It is built under the sea bed,” Sano mummy Sweeda explained. “Does that mean we are going under the water?” Sushant asked curiously. “Oh are we going to see lots of fishes?” asked Sunaina excited. Sano mummy Sweeda shook her head at them and smiled sweetly. She patted them both on the head and said, “Come along now and stay close.”

Travelling on the London tube was very exhilarating. The train went very fast. There were lots of people inside the train and it was dark inside the tunnels. Sushant and Sunaina held their Sano Mummy’s hand very tightly and stayed very close to her.

“Where are we going now Sano Mummy?” they asked together. “Oh you will see, it’s a surprise,” Sano Mummy Sweeda said. They walked through a big arched doorway and their jaws dropped. There was a very big skeleton of a dinosaur standing in the middle of the room.  Sunaina and Sushant were amazed. “Is that real?” Sushant asked. Sunaina was still a little scared and she held on to her Sano mummy’s hand. “Yes it is,” Sano Mummy Sweeda told her nephew. “Do you want to see a live dinosaur now?” she asked. Sushant’s eyes lit up with excitement. “A real life dinosaur,” He exclaimed. They had to wait in a long line but finally they got to see a moving tyrannosaurus. It had small hands but a big body. It roared loudly and looked right at them and blinked.

Next they went to Hyde Park and had a small picnic there. There were lots of birds by the water in Hyde Park. There were some swans, and geese and ducks. They fed the birds some bread and a giant swan knocked a piece of bread out of Sushant’s hand with its wings. It was a very funny thing to see. Sano mummy Sweeda had prepared some cheese and ham sandwiches and cute up some beetroot for them. Sushant and Sunaina enjoyed their beetroot very much. They also drank some apple juice and ran around the park playing games. Sano mummy Sweeda warned them not to wander off too far and to make sure that she could see them.

She called out to them after a while. “We are going somewhere very special now,” she said. “We have been invited to a tea party.” Sunaina clapped. “Oh I love tea parties,” she cried out. They walked through another park called St. James’s park and fed the squirrels some monkey nuts on the way. The squirrels were very cute and Sunaina wanted one for a pet.

They reached in front of a big white building and were stopped by a guard. The guard had a funny hat on. It was too tall for his head and he did not speak a word. The door was opened and Sano Mummy Sweeda whispered to them, “This is the queen’s palace. She invited us for tea.” Sushant and Sunaina could not contain their excitement. Their face lit up with joy and they were very excited to meet the queen.

The queen of England was old. She had a wrinkly face and white curly hair. She was very pleasant though and the kids asked her lots of questions. They also showed her their swords and hat and helmet. They told her all about their day and enjoyed some hot cocoa and macaroons.

Today had been a very exciting day. Sushant and Sunaina were very exhausted by the end of the day. They couldn’t wait to go home and Skype their mummy and daddy. They wanted to tell them all about their adventures in London.  Visiting Sano Mummy Sweeda in London was the best trip Sushant and Sunaina had ever made.


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