How I remember my Grandma

He and I

Saturday, 12th November, was the 5th anniversary of the passing away of my paternal grandmother.  To commemorate her, I am posting an article I wrote, on Grandfather’s book, Itihas, Nepalma Nari Jagaran Awastha.. Lots of love always!

Every child should have a grandmother like mine. She was never too busy for me, she never got mad or screamed and she never turned me away. I remember our nap times when she would tell me stories, sometimes about her life as a little girl. Since I was raised in the city her childhood reminiscences were way better than any story books I ever read.  My favourite stories from her were about some talking animals like the monkey and the alligator or stories about wolves, especially when I went to visit her in Inaruwa (our country house outside of Kathmandu City). There were stories, that there are wolves lurking around in the village, and every wolf story used to fascinate and scare me to some level at the same time. Her stories always had a good moral to it, which I presume has taught me to be a good, kind, better person.

I loved spending time with my grandma very much. I remember times when I used to sneak off from my house and run off to her house which was just across the yard from ours. She would let me wear bright red lipstick (her favourite colour), which my mom wouldn’t allow me to do. And every time mom came looking for me she would sneak me off to the bathroom and rub off the lipstick so that I wouldn’t get into trouble.

She was also such a great cook. Her rotis were my favourite, especially when she would be making them and it puffed up she would say “Look Chuchu, its puffing up just like your cheeks”. And that would get me so excited. I would tell everyone that when my gran makes roti it puffs up just like my cheeks.

She was the most attentive person to me. Having her attention when I was telling her something was like having the sun shine on me. But then the sun set when she passed away about a year ago. However, having these wonderful memories of her still makes me feel like the sun is shining on my face.


2 thoughts on “How I remember my Grandma

  1. स्वीडा ! तेरी हजुर आमालाई हरेक कुराको अनुभव थियो । उनी तेरो बाबाकी आमा थिईन । आमामा ममताका साथ साथै लाड़ प्यार भरिएको हुन्छ । तेरी हजुर आमा हरेक कुरामा स्टिक थिइनन । आमाको मायामा ममता र माया हुन्छ । तेरी हजुर आमा बूढ़ों बरको बृक्ष जस्ती थिइन । उनले घरको सारा जिम्मेवारी सम्हालेको थिइन ।

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  2. लामो समयसम्म जनप्रतिनिधि र संगठन र संस्थामा नेतृत्वदायी भूमिका निर्वाह गरेका कारण शान्तामा आफ्नै सोच समझ र अबधारणाहरू विकसित भएको थियो । उनले राजनीतिक र समाजसेवाका क्षेत्रमा काम गर्दाखेरी कहिल्यै पनि निजी स्तरको आर्थिक उपार्जन र लाभको दृष्टिकोण राखिनन । विशुद्ध न्यायोचित ढंगको भत्ता सुविधा बाहेक अतिरिक्त आर्जन र सुविधापट्टि ध्यान नदिएर समाज र राष्ट्रलाई सकेको योगदान पुर्याउने मात्र भावनामा केन्द्रित भएका नाताले जसका नाममा विदेशी राष्ट्र र संस्थाबाट सहयोग आएको हो त्यो उनीहरूले पूरा पाउनु पर्ने उनको दृढ विचार र अड़ान हुने गर्दथ्यो ।यसमा तलमाथि देख्दा भेट्दा बिस्तारै बिस्तारै शान्ताको उत्साह र जाँगरमा कमी आउन थाल्यो ।

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