Reading Nook


Winter is here!

Thus, I have my winter wardrobe out, the cuddly sweaters, warm fleece onesises, thick socks, poofball hats and large quantity of hot chocolate supplies. It also means spending a great deal of time, snuggling up in my favourite spot in the house.

My perfect little reading nook. And so, I wanted to share, ‘behind the scenes?’ details.

I used the smallest room in the house for this. This was already my craft room and my dressing room. Yet in the corner, I also managed to create myself a cosy reading space.

We brought home an old TV stand, which was lying in my dad in law’s shed. After up-cycling it with a good clean and fresh paint (Thanks to hubby dear), I placed it in the corner of the room. The shelves on the TV stand served to be a perfect space to keep my books and stationeries.

I then bought a Large Japanese nest chair and placed it on top of the stand. It was a perfect fit. The dark emerald green colour of this chair contrasts perfectly to the light pastel colours of the room.  This is the only piece of furniture with bold colour. I also find emerald green to be a calming colour.

Complete it with some of my favourite floppies and a cosy blanket and viola….



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