Lets Party like a Gilmore, Girl

Parties, Gifts & Crafts

How exciting!  Today we are celebrating the revival of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. After almost 10 years, Gilmore Girls is back with a brand new, four episode Netflix series titled: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life. If you are a fan, then I am sure you are celebrating like we are. I have teamed up with an old friend to have a mini Gilmore Girl viewing party, Gilmore Girl style.

We have our take outs. We have our Pjs. And for subtle revelry:

We have our team (Rory boyfriends) flag. Team Dean, Team Logan and Team Jess.  It’s all about Team Jess off course.  Jess is the best!

Little cake toppers of all the Gilmore Girl characters: These ‘cake toppers’ are easy to make. I looked around the internet and came across an image which I printed off. I cut them out into individual heads and stuck them to a cocktail stick. See easy peasy.

And it wouldn’t be a Gilmore Girl party, without the theme song and something fizzy…



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