Take a shot, we tied the knot

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Well, we literally tied the knot!

In a Hindu wedding ceremony, there is a practice called a Gaatth Bandhan, which translates to; tying of the nuptial knot. So you see, we literally tied the knot! I presume that’s where the saying comes from.

Anyway, my family had travelled from different parts of the world, for our wedding.  Some of them had had more adventurous journey (I will surely blog about that one) than others, and it was absolutely amazing to be able to spend time with the whole family and introduce them to Sunny.

We were having a post-wedding family celebration, and I had bought some party styled shots in a test tube, a few weeks before the wedding. It came in cute, colourful test tubes with a different flavoured fruity shot in it. It seemed like a fun thing for a celebration. So, all of us had a fruity flavoured shot in hand. Once we had finished every last drop from the test-tube, I asked everyone to sign and date them. I love collecting small mementos.

I hadn’t thought about how I would store them, but since we started experimenting with Glass cutters, Sunny came up with this brilliant idea of a ‘time capsule’. And so, we cut open a wine bottle, placed the test tubes in them, and sealed it right back. I then decorated it with lace and buttons.


Here is a picture of the family. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Take a shot, we tied the knot

  1. विद्या , विनय ,शील , रूप , आयु , बल ,, कुल , शरीरादिको परिणाम छ जुन युवक युवतीमा तिनीहरूको आपसको सम्भाषण र बाबु आमाको अनुमतिबाट गृहस्थ धर्ममा प्रवेश गर्नु नै विवाह हो । यस तस्वीरमा विवाहको लागि आफ्ना परिवारका जनहरू नेपाल अमेरिका र बेलायतबाट आएर सहभागी भएको दृश्यको दर्शन हुन्छ र यसले पारिवारिक पुनर्मिलनको संयोग जुर्याएकोछ ।
    अनि प्रसंग आएको छ सोमरस/ वाइनको यी दुबै स्वस्थ्य बर्धक हुन । Too little alcohol may hold your back from some benifit that moderate drinkers injoy , like lower incedence of cardiovascular des ease , mortality and type – 2 diabetes . सोमरस आयुर्वेदको एउटा औषधियरूप हो । यसले शरीरको जठराग्निलाई बढाउँछ । भोक जगाँउँछ । खाएको राम्ररी रच्छ । सोमरस यसैका लागि खान्छन । सोमरस रक्सी होइन । यो लाइन हो ।

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