Brown Paper Gift Wrap

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As much as I love to open presents, I also love wrapping them. I like the idea that the person receiving the gift would be so excited about it, even before they open it. You know, make them feel like they almost don’t want to open up the wrapping.

I have been obsessed with Brown paper wrapping for a while now. Browsing Pinterest, pinning all the elegantly wrapped presents and ideas, I couldn’t wait to try them out myself. So Christmas is upon us and here was my opportunity, lots of presents to wrap and experiment with.  I bought two rolls of brown paper wrappers, and oh how fun it was going to be!

It was a fail. The paper was flimsy and it looked dull, not at all the result I was hoping for. I wasn’t able to make them look as lovely as in Pinterest. They just didn’t have that rustic effect. After wrapping up at least three and not getting the result I wanted, I was disheartened.

Until, well, you will never guess what came to my rescue!

You know when you buy your wrapping paper rolls. Well, use all of it. Every single bit of it. That’s exactly what I did. Once the wrapping paper finished, I used the brown rolls that they come rolled up in, and checkout the results.



The flimsy brown paper not as lovely as the ones above.


All our presents!




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