Let’s all drink from Beer Bottles

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With the festive season in progress, I am sure you all have plenty of bottles ready to be recycled, or up – cycled. So, what do you do with all the beer bottles after you have finished them?

We drink from it again!

Let me tell you all about it. You remember our various bottles and glass projects such as Glitter, Glow, and Sparkle, and All in a Bottle and Take a shot, we tied the knot?

We had a go at making glasses out of bottles too.

We picked beer bottles as they are small and typically ‘drinking glass sized’ and also the right size to experiment with. We picked bottles that had their brand names and logos imprinted on the glass itself. The bottles with labels meant the labels would come off when washed. That would be boring, whereas etched glasses are sure to be a conversation starter and if the person doesn’t like to talk much, I guarantee they will give it a second look and mull over it silently.

Check out our collection, all hand made by husband dear. That is how he spends his summer days…

The green Carlsberg collection


A quiver of Cobras


And then we painted it gold


Hoard of Fosters



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