Adventures of 2016


Happy New year everyone!

2016 was filled with a whole lot of adventures for us. If I haven’t already, then I will soon be posting all about our escapades from 2016. I started in January with a trip to Japan, which was incredible.  In February, we headed to Venice for the Venice carnival, a big want from my bucket list and I was so glad we did it.  It was probably one of the best experiences so far (I can’t really decide, I have had so many). In March, we had a small weekend getaway to this adorable village of Lyndhurst in Hampshire. The stay at the Dairy cottage was so endearing. Seeing wild ponies in their natural wild forests and some deer in the backyard was the highlight of this trip. April led us all (the whole family) to Oxfordshire and the pretty Bibury Village for a short break to celebrate the engagement of our cousin, which led to her wedding in May at the beautiful Coombe Abbey in Coventry. In June we were strolling through the beautiful landscapes of the Lake District and the magical world of Beatrix Potter. July took us to Amsterdam which was another kind of adventure. Wilderness pulled us into days of carefree and blissful vibes in August. I also started this blog. September, we went searching for bears and Dracula in the Carpathians. October came and Dusherra and Halloween happened. November was Diwali and after all the fireworks, we were starting to get ready for Christmas (here and here).

The finest part of it all, the year began with my best friend in Japan in January and ended with her in the UK for Christmas.

Thank you so much all of you, for continuing to read.


2 thoughts on “Adventures of 2016

  1. घुम्नु नातिनी गतिशीलता हो । घुम्नु वृत्ति होइन बरू धर्म हो । कर्म हो । यस्ता यात्राकार इतिहासविद , तत्वन्वेषी , युगपरिवर्तनकार , र साहित्यकारका रूपमा चिन्हिन्छन ।


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