…And the Oscar goes to

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I love throwing parties, and if I am throwing it for someone, I expect it to have a big impact. So, this year was the sister’s 40th birthday, and we threw her a Glamorous Golden-y Oscar’s [Academy] Awards themed party.

It’s no secret that she loves all the glamour and charm, and, it was the perfect opportunity to throw her, her very own glamorous party. We had it all. The red carpet, the papps, the journalists, the awards and the fashion. (It wouldn’t be an Oscar’s night, without the fashion!)

Everone was dressed to impress and it was a fantastic night!

The first step was to address the idea to the brother in law. After speaking to him about it, we were all on board and set to go. I contacted everyone we wanted to invite and waited for RSVP. We had to change the dates a few times, but in the end we were faring so far from the actual birthday, we had to settle on a date.

So, how on earth was I going to throw a grand Oscar’s themed party? One thing was certain. It was going to be golden! We started with lots of golden tassels and foils. I even purchased large golden fringed curtains.  It was a perfect backdrop for the photos. We had the photo props.  We laid out a ‘Red Carpet’ in the hallway. We had some interviewers and journalists, all set with their colourful microphones. The Paparazzo’s were clicking away to get the best pictures. I also printed off some VIP signs, and designed a ‘fact sheet’ for the year she was born. Realised later that the year was incorrect. 

We had sparkly drinks, both alcoholic and other. Each had their Oscar-ey or movie themed labels on them. The plates were golden, there were two sets of napkins in gold and ‘glamorous’ black. The cake had sparkly candles. We even sprayed the cake gold, all edible off course.

Finally, the highlight of it all was the awards ceremony. I hosted the awards. We had the presenters and the movie clips and while everyone was nominated, and got to participate, there could only be one winner, well eight winners (since we had eight categories).  But it all added to the fun!

Check out the pics!

So to everyone who couldn’t make it, you were missed, but we felt your spirit! And to all who were present, without you it wouldn’t have been as grand.  Thank you for immersing yourself completely into the event.

And, to dear sis, we hope you had a blast!

Much Love .


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