The Misery

He and I

I hate doing chores. I mean not just your average people hate, I detest it. I still do it. It’s all a part of being an adult and all that. We have a system. If we didn’t, well… So, it was just an ordinary day and I came home from work, as soon I enter Sunny said, “There are clothes upstairs that need to be put away.” I went straight upstairs, threw my bag on the bed and sat down. I was thinking of the work that lay ahead. This piece of chore that I had to do, the putting away of the clothes, god darned clothes! A few minutes later Sunny walks into the room, “hey we need to go to the attic too.” Out of nowhere, I got up, pointed right at him and stated, “It’s you, you are the answer for all this misery.”

We were both rolling on the laughing.


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