Woopeth! Woopeth! At King’s Landing


“Dubrovnik,” I yelled, as I had a light bulb moment. We were newlyweds, who had yet to decide on a honeymoon destination. We had bought a house, renovated it, and had the wedding all in the same year, so, a lavish honeymoon was out of the question. It was all about the adventures!

So there we were, with our suitcases in hand, standing at the entrance of the Old Town, a UNESCO world heritage site. It was an old little historic town and a world of its own. It was bustling with people. Tourists, lots of American tourists. I noticed that right away. I was curious, why were there so many Americans vacationing in Dubrovnik?

We made our way into the cobbled streets, trying to find the apartment we had booked online. There were lots of little alleyways, and stairs. Oh boy was there a lot of stairs? Sunny looked at his map, and I followed, struggling with my suitcase up the tiny, steep, stoned staircases.

After what seemed like an eternity of stairs, we finally reached the apartment. Our host, a blonde, blue eyed man called Pablo was very welcoming. He offered us a nice cold beer, for which I was very grateful, after having struggled up all those stairs. He showed us to our room and we loved his approach to life and his catchphrase, “Take it easy, take it easy.” “How does the payment work, should we pay you now, or later?” I asked, “Take it easy, take it easy,” he answered. “Where should we head to for a good afternoon drink,” Sunny asked. “Lots of places here, take it easy, take it easy,” he would say, in his thick Croatian accent.

We settled into our room, and as everyone does, connected to wifi to check in on facebook. It said, I was near King’s Landing. Now, I am no fan of Game of Thrones, but I knew what King’s landing was, and that explained all the American tourists. I nodded, as a reassurance to myself and checked in, ‘Woopeth Woopeth’ at King’s Landing, my facebook status read.

I have a deep passion for history and walking through old town really felt like strolling through time. I found the history of Dubrovnik quite remarkable. I learnt the city flourished through the middle ages. It had diplomatic relations and extensive trade with other major ports which included Turkey, India, Africa, and also the English courts. Apparently, even Venice was envious of this city. While in Venice (remember Carnevale), we compared the two cities a lot. Sunny preferred Dubrovnik, but I preferred Venice. We were there for a carnival, so perhaps my opinion is subjective, but I still think they are both beautiful in their own way.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our delightful trip to Dubrovnik.


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