Rub – a – dub – dub

He and I

My friend, Noel, he is a funny one. One day, he popped over to ours for tea. He wanted to talk to Sunny about investing in a property, and we thought he should go check out some new properties that were popping up everywhere in our town. There was a show home not far from us. So, we drove up.

“Hi, How Can I help you?” the lady greeted us. I shook her hand, “My friend is looking at buying his first home,” I said.  She gave us little shoe covers and led the way. She took us to the second floor, inside the Master bedroom with an en-suite, when the doorbell rang and she had to excuse herself.

“I’m just popping to the loo,” Noel said. We shrugged. “Yeah sure, whatever.” We were checking out the property too. The lady came back up, “Sorry about that, now where’s your friend?” she asked.

“Oh he just went to the loo.” I said casually. She looked at me like I had just told her, her mother died. “You have got to get him out of there,” she exclaimed.That’s when it hit me.

Noel, was in the toilet in show house, where there was no plumbing!


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