Honeymoon Outlook


Remember how we headed to Dubrovnik for our honeymoon? Yeah, well the real reason we headed to Croatia, was that we wanted to attend a festival, outside of the UK. I mean, “We honeymooned at a festival,” who gets to say that? So, Outlook as per Outlook is “the largest Sound system Culture festival in Europe, bringing together the biggest names from the most vibrant and cutting edge dance scenes around. During four days at the end of summer, the festival is set in an abandoned fort perched above the Adriatic Sea, next to a beach right near Pula, Croatia.”

Doesn’t it all sound amazing? And it truly was. The venue was amazing. An old abandoned amphitheatre in the city was the Main Stage. Even though we didn’t have tickets to the main stage, we could still catch glimpses of the show through the arches of the amphitheatre. It was like a mini version of the Coliseum, except with modern people partying and celebrating, and off course watching an entertaining music show , you know not someone being eaten by a lion or f*cked by a baboon. The other great thing was that it was near a beach; somehow having water nearby always seems to make things that much better. Oh and the sea had an inflated bouncy house and lots of large tubes to float on, all with a beach bar and a beach stage nearby.

Although I love camping and we have always camped or ‘glamped’ at festivals, we booked an apartment for Outlook. We really didn’t want to be lugging around tents and etc with us. I mean can you imagine me with a tent trying to climb up the steep stairs of Dubrovnik? Oh dear, no!

It was nice to see the local area of Pula, and I loved how it kind of reminded me of Nepal. Every house had a balcony, and, all the gardens of the houses were pretty, (the Mediterranean kind of pretty). Lots of houses also had lovely pergolas with grapevines. Walking around, the heat was quite intense, and stray logs lay wandering on the streets. We also made an additional trip outside of the festival, to a small island called Brijuni.

Here are a few pictures from the festival. Oh yeah, we invited our two amazing friends to join us as well, haha!


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