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One of my closest friend (the circle is very small) is getting married soon. Since graduating from university, we have moved on up in life. I got a job, bought a house, married my sweetheart; while, she got a job in a new city and moved away. We lost touch in between, but soon got back in contact as I saw the news of her engagement on the papers. Now, we live about 90 miles away from each other, and it isn’t convenient to meet up all the time.

Two months from now, she is getting married, and so I arranged for a very intimate bridal shower for her, and by intimate I mean – just the two of us. And why not? It gives us all the time in the world to catch up with no distractions and obligation to attend to every other person.

I know that her wedding has an old English charm to it, so I went for a similar effect for this bridal shower. I arranged for us to have an Afternoon Tea at The Orangery in Kensington Palace, and its Orangery is magnificent.

A bit of history about this Orangery; The Orangery was built at Kensington palace for Queen Anne in 1704. She wanted this, so she could protect her beloved citrus trees from the harsh winter weathers. However, this elaborate design of the Orangery with its soaring ceiling, and graceful architecture, didn’t escape the Queen’s sight. She started using this for her court entertainment.

Anyway, check us out below , sipping tea and indulging in the sweet treats.


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