Let them come to Berlin!


So I was recently in Berlin, and I love that city! My super duper purpose for going to Berlin was to eat this super amazing looking Octopus Burger at White Trash, but then, I learnt that the place had closed down. I was crestfallen.

Berlin was super amazing anyway! Although I will definitely come back for the Octopus burger once White Trash reopens, there were lots of stuff to see and do in Berlin.

We stayed in Alexanderplatz, very close to the Berlin Dungeon and the Museum Island. We were so used to walking around in all our other European destinations, and realised that Berlin was quite large and hard to cover with just walking. So to get to places, we took all of the transport services available, trams, buses, and metro and over ground trains.

So, Berlin was amazing. It is such an interesting city. I learnt so many new things. We were staying very close to the Museum Island. And there were lots of places nearby for eating, drinking and wandering into.

We landed at Berlin on a Thursday morning, and the first thing we did was hit the museums. Museum Island is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has this collection of beautifully architectured buildings. There are 5 museums in total and we made it to three of them; Pergamon Museum, The Neues Museum and the Altes national art gallery.

I was extremely excited about the Neues museum since I had read it has a large Egyptian collection and I was especially excited about seeing the bust of Queen Nefertiti. But then the collection at the Pergamon museum totally blew me away.  They had things like theRoman market gate, Ishtar Gate with the Processional Way of Babylon and the Mshatta façade, which I did not know of. These were amazing collections and such interesting things to learn about.

We had had a long, tiring, busy day and I was really looking forward to devouring my Octopus Burger. After we went back to the hotel to freshen up and found out that the place had closed, much to my disappointment, we ended up just walking around the city instead. And was I glad?  I saw many amazing things. One such amazing thing was buildings with lots of bullet holes and some marks on them. This was so amusing to see. There were lots of structures in Berlin which were damaged during the war.

After walking around for a bit, we came upon a place called The Twelve Apostles.  It looked like an old church at a quick glance.  But we peered in through the window to check it out, and instantly fell in love with the set up inside. The place was like a grand medieval feast. Tables were laid out in long lengths, with beautiful biblical artwork on its walls, depicting the 12 apostles. Chandeliers hung from ceilings and overall it was a very majestic setting. The food was Italian, I had a plate of Pasta and Sunny had an enormous Pizza.

After the great feast, we wandered around locally, and came upon a very ‘arty’ place. The walls had cool arty graffiti on and it was like a maze of alleys in and out leading you from one little bar to another or a quirky little restaurant or something. Since it was a cold day, we decided to sit inside this bar called, Cafe Cinema. It had that eerie, but good kind of rustic, eerie feel. The place was so popular, we ‘shared a table’ with another couple!

Day 2, we decided to do the free walking tour. I always do a walking tour if the city offers it. It is such an amazing way to learn and see things in a short amount of time. It covers a lot of places and you gain so much insight from the local guides. Our tour covered places such as The Brandenburg Gate,  Site of Hitler’s bunker ,  Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe ,  Checkpoint Charlie ,  Gendarmenmarkt ,  The Berlin Wall ,  Pariser Platz ,  Luftwaffe HQ ,  Bebelplatz ,   Book burning memorial  and the Humboldt University.  I am not going to go into much details about them, as you can goggle the place and get all the information you need, but, where I can I will put in interesting information I may have learnt.

After the tour, we took the metro and headed for lunch. I had heard of this pretty little place called Roamers and I really really wanted to try it. The place was tiny, it didn’t take reservations, we kind of shared a table with another couple and I had to wait ages for the food to arrive. But I will tell you, I had the best beef sandwich ever!

On the way to Roamers, we saw a small marketplace as we got out of the metro. It seemed very much a Middle Eastern / Turkish market, and then in the midst of it all I see this, a Momo van.


After lunch we decided to go up to Victoria Park and climb up its national monument. It was up a steep hill, but not too far to walk. The view from the top was OK. I didn’t really find it amazing as other places I have been to, but the landmark itself was beautiful and the park was quite lovely too. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the waterfall. It seemed dried up; perhaps it’s activated only in the summers. Never mind, when I come for the octopus burger, perhaps I’ll come back to see the waterfall too.

As evening descended we decided we wanted to go have a drink somewhere, we wandered around a bit, taking all forms of public transport and seeing where we’d end up. We somehow ended up at The Berlin Zoo, and not far from it was The Monkey bar. It was high on the top floor of some hotel, and it promised amazing views and best of all, views of the Monkeys at the Zoo. We got excited to see the monkeys, but then we were a bit disappointed, as the monkeys were so far below. You would probably see them if you squinted. Nevertheless, the view from the balconies and the window were still amazing.

On the way to Monkey bar, we saw this random church and thought it quite beautiful, only to find out later that, it was a famous landmark, called the Wilhelm Kaiser Church.

After a drink at the bar, we headed home, exhausted from the adventures of the day. Randomly Sunny said, he fancied waffles, and as luck would have it, we came upon a little waffle place. It was small and tiny and they specialised in desserts. I ordered chocolate fudge ice cream brownie stuff and he ordered his waffles. And dear lord, best ice-cream ever!!!!!


On the last day, we decided to keep it undemanding, and headed to the Topography of terror to learn. The place is filled with information about the Third Reich and the Secret Service Police, and it’s free. We also walked around the shopping districts and came upon this beautiful antique store. Check out these beautiful taps!

We had to have some pretzels and currywurst while in Germany, so we ate loads of them whenever we got the chance. They even offered a vegetarian currywurst, so good times for Sunny!

Overall, Berlin was totally amazing, and I would definitely like to go back to visit.


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