Chocolate Trees and More


A few months ago, we headed to Kew gardens, London. It is such a beautiful place, and why wouldn’t it be? With all the beautiful flowers and plants, groomed and taken care of flawlessly, it is the perfect place for plant lovers. We decided to have a day out, picnic on the grounds, and enjoy the lovely weather that was upon us. We started at the most familiar building of Kew, The Palm House. There were lots of amazing plants in there. The Greenhouse was divided into different sections of the world and each plant had their own explanations and information next to them.

I noticed this adorable little staircase that people were walking up to. While climbing up those stairs, the heat inside increased. It was really really hot at the top, but the view was amazing.



We also went to the water lily house, as Sunny has this obsession with Water Lillies and he has been trying to grow some in our DIY pond for a while now. The leaves of the water lilies are amazing. I was so glad to see giant water lilies in here, it was like a scene off of the Swan Princess or any other Disney movies where you see little frogs hop on the water leaves.

See how huge they are! It’s insane.


We also walked past the Giant Orangery which is now a cafe / restaurant and into the Kew Palace. Being a history buff, I loved it. It has amazing pieces of Georgian furniture inside and a glimpse into the life in the Georgian times.

Another amazing project at Kew was the Beehive. It was like an immersive experience into the remarkable life of bees.


At the Princess of Wales conservatory there was so much variety! We were impressed with Chocolate trees, and all the variety of Cacti and succulents. There were some cacti outside of the conservatory, which got me really excited. You can grow large cacti in the UK? I would love to have a small cacti section in my backyard. There were also some aquatic plants and aquatic life in the conservatory.



We also walked along the collection of amazingly displayed rockeries and the plant varieties there. It was truly magnificent. I am in love with succulents and alpines and I do have a large collection of this at my garden. It really inspired me to create a rockery of my own.

Kew garden is so huge. We bought day tickets and got there early in the morning, but we still weren’t able to cover all of it. There is so much choice and varieties available.


The highlight for me was walking along the sections of Giant Rhododendron trees. Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal and I don’t believe I had ever seen such large trees in my life before. I had come across small shrubs and bushes, but nothing as glorious as these. I coincidentally happened to be carrying a Pink bag, which matched amazingly with the glorious flowers.



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