Fairy Forest & Futuristic Loos


Fairy Forest and Futuristic loos?

A rather odd combination, is it not?

Ha, well I headed to Sketch London with my friend Petpot (that’s not her real name btw, its just something between me and her) a few days ago. The main intention was to visit the Pink velvet rooms, but since it was fully booked, we decided to sit and have a drink at the neighboring room, The Glade. This Glade was like an enchanted fairy forest. The walls had beautiful wallpapers with a forest theme. The deco was amazing, very stylish. The bar looked like it was out of a 20’s movie, and, the piano played itself at the corner , adding to that ‘charming-ness’.

We sat on one of their elegant and stylish sofa / settees and drank some fancy champagne cocktails. A bit pricey, but it was alright for the experience.

Just before we headed out, we went to the bathroom to freshen up and it was hilarious!

From a rustic , enchanted fairy garden, we entered into a futuristic, techno feel toilet. The toilets were individual pods and the lights were all like a giant Rubik’s cube. It was such a contrast that we stood there laughing for a while and taking pictures.

There seemed to be a little reception area in the toilet too. How funny!



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