On writing poems for people

You have all had the opportunity to read the poems. I really enjoyed writing them. Sometimes words were so easy. I could write about two or three poems in a day. Other times it was hard. I would write about five or six different drafts until I felt it was just right. Some of them, I really love. Others, I feel like I could have done better. But time and words failed me. However, if I did not put the time constraint on myself I wonder if I would ever finish it. So what did I learn from doing this mini personal project?


It is a given that people have different perspectives, but it kind of hits you more when you write something to mean or emphasize a certain thing and then people read and perceive it as something completely unrelated and different. Sometimes some people only wanted to see and hear what they wanted to and failed to comprehend the actual meaning behind it.


I wasn’t writing poems for everyone and anyone. From past projects I realise that people feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable when shown love and care in this way. They often don’t know how to react. Sometimes I feel the same way too. So, instead of doing that, I decided to lay it out in the open and if anyone wanted a poem, they could ask. Most did and so you can see. But a lot of them I realised were shy. They wanted one, but were afraid, embarrassed (other emotions, feelings) held them back. I will be starting this project again sometime next year, so if there is anyone out here wanting a poem, please get in touch. All you got to do is say, ‘Yo I would like a poem please.’ A little politeness goes a long way. (Be polite) I will let you know when I am taking requests again. Not yet. Don’t let me know yet. I’ll put it up somewhere in the social media, when I’m ready. You can read all the poems , (ones as a part of this projects and also others ) via this link – Click here.

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