Doing Life V

Marking the end of year with another life stock. I still have so many things to blog about, but life has been so frantic that I have not had the chance to sit with my creative side. Not the way I want to anyway.

I look forward to writing and posting all about it in the New Year. For now, enjoy the stock take. Thank you and goodnight.

Making: Plans for the coming year. Goals. Projects. Travels. Perhaps I want to create a Capsule.

Cooking: Creamy Spinach and Spicy Beans

Sipping: Hot turmeric water. Lots and lots of it.

Reading: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Starting the Harry Potter series, because I have never actually read the HP books.

Looking: for things and ideas to get my hair all glossy and silky smooth. It is far too frizzy now.

Listening: I think I am hearing sounds. This morning at work I thought I heard whispers and locked myself in the office until someone came in.

Wishing: That I had more energy to do the things I really want to do.

Enjoying: Writing something else for a change. So much poems recently, have you been following?

Liking: Embroidery and patches. Husband put a large pink skull patch on my denim jacket yesterday.  Perhaps the trend for the New Year?

Loving: The similarities between husband and me. We love our alone time and realized, recently that we both booked a day off without each other’s knowledge on the same day. We then spend hours trying to convince the other to go back to work or take another day off. In the end, we decided we would make it a date day.

Buying: I bought some co-ords set.

Watching: Hasan Minhaj

Hoping: I reach my career goals

Needing: Recognition and appreciation.

Wearing: A thick knit jumper and husband’s boxers and red thick wooly socks.

Following: the holistic psychologist.

Noticing: Race issues. It is somewhat intense and hard not to get offended.

Sorting: my mind. Trying to be more mindful and at peace.

Getting: Ready for the New Year.

Saving: Myself from toxic atmosphere and people.

Bookmarking: The Albanian Riviera.

Coveting: Thick, Large desi inspired jewelries.

Opening: My pay slip

Giggling: Ok when I was in primary school, we had to do a routine for our sports day, something kind of like cheerleading but not really. The whole school who were not athletes and sports people had to do this. So while we were rehearsing, a girl who I can’t remember said something and another girl whose name was Choden, said something contradicting. Girl A said, “She is always against me this Choden.” Choden relied very sassily, “Why shall I be for FOR? “ And I remember, this girl called Sambhawana and me cracked up so hard and we were the quiet ones. I remembered that recently, and it had me in giggles.

Feeling: quite happy and nostalgic at that memory above.

Hearing: Silence apart from the keys tapping as I type.

Obsessing: Over her art and hair.

I hope yall have an amazing new year.

Much Love



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