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Here I am. All set. Ready to take on 2018.

The last two months have been heavy. I have been working. All seven days, of the week. There was this constant dread and anxiety over finding a new job. Redundancy was kicking in toward the end of December. Bills, mortgage, payments of generic goods a girl desires. How was I going to afford it all?

I did it though. I worked hard. 50 days. Constantly working. In between, looking for, applying and preparing for interviews. You know , for that good, solid job.

Like I said, I did it. I worked hard. I got offered a new job. I made some extra money. Met new people. Made new friends. Experienced new things. Learnt a lot, about the world, society, about myself.

And I am proud. You know what, I would like a medal. Perhaps I will do just that. Buy myself a medal, hmmm perhaps a crown? I have always wanted a crown. And why not? I can be the queen of my own life!

After nine months of anxiety and dread filled 2017, it had all worked out in the end. Almost like it was a Christmas miracle. It led me to have an enjoyable Christmas with family and friends and welcome the new year joyfully.

And so, to welcome 2018, I will leave two pieces of poems on the blog. They are both by Amy Turn Sharp. Her words are beautiful and has inspired me to have a go at writing my own on many occasions.

Poem 1:

How about not overanalysing 2018 into a mess?
What if you made a pact with your heart today?
A truthful and lovely treaty
With agreements that will honor you like:
-I will follow love everywhere
-I will lean into magic
-I will trust myself
-I will forgive
-I will live deep this year

Poem 2:

This is a spell.
The things you want
In 2018 will want
You back.


Stylist Live


Over the weekend I went to Stylist Live. Stylist is a magazine I subscribe to and it has loads of amazing things from fashion to food, beauty, travel, accessories, books, authors, talks, restaurants, coffee-shops, bars, amazing things happening in London and so on and so forth. I received two free passes to this event and took the opportunity to go see what it was all about, and I am glad I did.

Hosted at Olympia London, this event was like a life size version of Stylist magazine. A lot of the things, places, restaurants, etc I had read about in the magazine were present as boutiques. They were giving out samples, trying to sell etc. I took advantage of the samples. There were so many, such as health drinks, and health foods, bars, chocolates, beauty products. There was even a ‘beauty drink’. What kind of witchery?

It was truly like a potion, coming in various colours, purple, red, and slime green. With ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid, say a few magic spells and viola in 28 days or so see yourself young and radiant and glowing. We did try all the flavours available, but no visible effect yet. Ha!

Nevertheless, there were lots of other amazing things, creative and new, I learnt that I could just about sell anything as long as it has excellent presentation and finishing. I mean me along with my husband, do things like this and this and this, and there are loads of other stuff that I have not yet had the chance to blog about.

We also took our seats at the Stylist Catwalk and I was very impressed with the trends on show.  This was so much better than the trends at London Fashion Week, which we attended a few years ago. I loved almost all the trends at Stylist. We each received a little handout detailing all the trends on stage, with the price and where you can shop the look. The bonus, they were all reasonable and affordable prices from high street shops and not unjustifiably expensive. I mean, I totally do not get the hype of designer stuff and all that. But, that’s just me.

There were lots of free beauty treatments on offer too, like hair, nail, facials etc. But the waiting line for everything was too long and we just couldn’t be bothered to wait for it.

Overall, I did enjoy the event, learnt new stuff, and was inspired by all the creativity around.

Enjoy the pictures below.




Monkey-ing around at the Photobooth


Create your own Stylist Cover




Pink Monkey



These metallic balloons are so cute


Catwalk II


Love this backdrop



Diet Coke Photobooth


Stage decoration


All the stylist covers


Stylist Live


Walk in the woods

Adventures, He and I

Hubby was a little bit nervous, I could tell. I was driving down a narrow ‘country’ road. I mean, there was this narrow lane that was going to take us into a forest, just a few minutes’ drive from our house. I was very excited, and as a new driver this new ‘country’ lane, so empty and bare was a pleasant drive for me.

“OK, OK, slow down,” he said, “let’s look for a place to park.”  Just there on the left, I found a big ditch, which led to a parking, oh it was all so muddy and full of puddles. Again, I was excited, I have really wanted to drive across a puddle, but he got nervous again, “Make sure not to get into the puddle OK,” Splash! In and out of the puddle I went and parked it into a bay.

This woodland was magnificent. I thought it would be nothing much, but, from the point we started and every step further into the forest we went; it got deeper and enchanting.  My excitement grew. I imagined coming across forest creatures, or at least some woodland critters. Some badgers, hares, deer, porcupines. At one point, I swear I saw little Bambi, crossing through the path to the other side of trees. It was too fast, I couldn’t take pictures.

The sun peered through the gaps between the trees, and created enchanting vision along the way. Although the sun was shining, we could hear the wind roaring too. We could see the leaves above us sway. The branches creaked. We heard some howling. It was the wind, or it could have been a baby, I don’t know. Or maybe it was a fox, we just couldn’t see it, so perfectly camouflaged between all the orange leaves on the ground.

We walked hand in hand down the winding paths, coming across large fallen tree trunks. Some were dry and bare; some were green with moss growing all over. Some were hollow, perhaps a home, maybe a rabbit’s burrow?  More muddy puddles. Zillions of leaves on the ground. From a distant it looked like the ground was covered in orange and brown confetti.

I even saw the perfect location to host my woodland party. How exciting! A great location, and not even too far from the house.


All hallows eve

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It was only a simple gathering.

Dinner with friends
Outside by the blazing fire
A hearty lasagna

Halloween decorations scattered around
A spiderweb, a tombstone , skeleton , masks.
Pumpkins laid on table. Carving them
Funny faces , scary faces.

Rum for the ghouls
Painted faces.
Some witchy laughs and spells
And games , not for the light hearted

That is how our Halloween started.

Woodland Magic

Adventures, He and I, Parties, Gifts & Crafts

My best friend’s getting married soon, and the location is out of this world, it is a walk through woodlands to somewhere exhilarating. Just wait till you see where it is, mind you though, it will be a long wait (the wedding is next year, and I am not sharing pictures until then, it’s also probably a secret and she hasn’t told others yet).

So, there I was, on Pinterest, browsing through Woodland weddings. A picture leads me to a post, and then onto something else, after a chain of following one image link to another, I came upon this glorious art installation on this page Seriously, check it out for yourself. This made me want to throw my own woodland party. Isn’t it brilliant?

Maybe for my 30th? A wild woodland, wilderness party, wouldn’t that be lovely?  Lots and lots of lampshades hanging from tree tops. Lights in the dense forest leading the way.  Deeper and deeper you walk, until finally you come to a big plain. Away from all the chaos and racket of the world. Under the cover of the twinkling sky. You will find people sitting cosily wrapped up in blankets. Some are standing, drinking, chatting. Children dancing around the fire with fun adults alike (and hopefully some responsible adults minding the children of course).  Perhaps we will be visited by elves, fairies and gnomes. Goblins, imps and trolls. Perhaps even a unicorn. (Costume party, perhaps?)

It will be magical. We shall be singing, dancing, storytelling.


[Image from]

This is a picture of us at one such magical place a few years ago.