Jar Jar Plants


I am one step closer to achieving one of this.

I put up a picture of it on social media , and I had a few people asking me how I made it. I wasn’t planning on doing a DIY article on it, so unfortunately I haven’t got step by step pictures. Having said that though, it is so easy to make and you can do it however you want to.

I started with a large jar / vase / glass container. You can create however big or small. I even made a teeny, weeny baby version of it.

Make sure the container is immaculately clean, because you will not have a chance to clean it again after.

I put a first layer of pebbles, so that it absorbs all the water. I topped it with some soil to the height I wanted it to be. You can add layers of stone and compost in turn if you want to as well. But make sure the top layer is compost and soil.

Plan out how you are going to layout the plants and any other decorations you may want to put in. I used to collect small figurines from old shops and they were just laying around like ‘clutter’ ( as husband likes to call it) so I decided to add them to my terrarium for aesthetic pleasure. You can buy a lot of fairy garden kits from amazon and eBay too. Or you can even make some of your own.

Once you have planned out your layout take a picture of it. Try various different layouts and take pictures of them all. You may want to discuss it with someone or just want to mull over it for a while. It will also help as visual aid when you start the planting.

Once you have decided what you want. Dig holes with a teaspoon. The depth depends on the size of the plant you have. For something quite tall, you may want the hole deeper, or for something small, just a tiny gap to make sure the roots are under.

Regarding plants, succulents are the best option as they are indoor friendly and do not need a lot of caring. You can also add bits and bobs of cacti in too. I have got a collection of succulents and cacti. Once you have planted the plants, push in the figurines or decoration in place , so that they do not move about and are ‘fixed’ in.

Once you are happy with everything, you can either layer it with small pebbles and gravel or sprinkle some colored stones on top, like I have.



Good Housekeeping


I have not done a renovation post in such a long time. Mostly because I have not really done much renovating. It has been about 5 years since we moved into our house and did everything up. It is starting to look a little untidy now, and it definitely needs a good refresh. Walls have some finger marks on it. The lining papers are coming off. The ceiling paint has started to peel off at random places. Unlike the last time, where we were so desperate to just get everything done and over with, this time I can actually take things slow and delve in properly with each room and each project. It definitely does not need to be done all in one go.

I have so many exciting ideas I want to work on. First things first; I need to stop being lazy and dedicate a certain amount of time each week to actually get them done. It is one thing to have ideas and another to physically start doing it. I generally tend to have so many ideas but I seldom put them to practice. The number of pins on my Pinterest is crazy, and I use it a lot for inspiration. Most of the time, putting my own personal touch to it.

Some of the few ideas I have and want to work on at present are:

Photo Frame Display

We have a large photo frame at home. It has been lying in the corner of my dressing table for some time now. I love the idea of putting in a bunch of Polaroid photos inside one large frame. However, I am not sure what pictures. Should I create a theme? Like only holiday pictures? Only Family? Only friends? Only exciting adventures? Shall I mix it all up? How do I choose pictures? There are so many and I hate choosing.  Is there anything that you would recommend? Not really thought of a room to display it in yet, but it will come. Once I finish it, I know I will make space somewhere to show off the work I put in.

Inspirations :  https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/259027416042528787/

Plant Display

I love plants. However, I do not do a lot of planting or gardening. Thankfully, husband loves plants too and he loves planting. Every inch of the house that gets a good deal of sunlight is filled with little seedpods. Our home basically is one large greenhouse. Especially the dining room. We have a few collection of indoor plants, but they are not really placed in such a way so that it can be admired at. Most of it is quite hidden. I feel like they need to be displayed and shown a lot more love and glory.  The dining room is not large enough to have a showy plant display. We still need the space for the dining table. I am looking for inspirations for a tight  space that can also have an amazing plant display.

Inspirations :https://www.pinterest.co.uk/justinablakeney/plantastic/?lp=true


We have this large clear jar / vase because husband wanted to grow some indoor water plants. That never succeeded. Plants died quiet fast. Water went stale. The jar looks murky. Overall, it simply does not look good. I don’t want to get rid of the jar. It is large. It is beautiful.  It was expensive. My idea now is to create a terrarium with lots of indoor plants and pebbles and soil and make it a part of the indoor plant display as above.

Inspiration : https://www.pinterest.co.uk/harpmiss/terrarium-inspiration/?lp=true

White Walls

White  = bright, fresh and clean.  I find the color very stimulating and feel that it can play a big part in my creative side.  It’s also an instant room-brightener. I never noticed or realized the importance of a bright home until I recently went to someone’s house, where the light was lacking and everything looked so dull and dirty. I love the fact that white walls can make a small space look bigger . It can also put more focus on other objects around the room. Maybe a pop of color here and there. Ideas popping up already – maybe the frame display above bright and bold?  So exciting!

Inspirations: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/nesters/white-walls/?lp=true


All our doors need to be changed. The one thing we left as it was when renovating 5 years ago, were the doors. So we definitely need new doors. Pine doors and wooden slab, barn style doors appeal so much to me. I also love the idea of half-and-half doors. I love brightly painted, doors. Yellow is a big hit right now for me. I am also keen on funky / boho doorknobs and handles. So much ideas to play around with.

Embroidery Hoop projects

I created about two of these in the past. I presently have so much fabric pieces. Good fabric pieces that I really do not want to throw out. I am keen on creating embroidery hoop projects. Maybe something just as a wall decoration. Or perhaps a stationery holder, or a make-up holder, or it can even act as a photo holder that can be mounted on the wall. These pins below are amazing. Not reached that level yet, but one day.

Inspirations: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/allreddesign/embroidery-hoop-art-inspiration/?lp=true

Bedroom layout

I love to change the layout of the rooms in the house. I have changed the living room around a few times, and definitely changed the bedroom around a few times too. One thing that really bugs me is that we have a chimney that goes through the bedroom wall, and so it limits me to how I can change the layout. I have a cupboard on either side of the chimney wall and they have always remained there since day one. I would love to be able to move the cupboards around and still have a comfortable space to move about and have it looking aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Inspirations : https://www.pinterest.co.uk/ashtreecottage/cottage-bedrooms/?lp=true

Garden ‘Den’ refresh

The small garden alcove outside definitely needs a refresh. Now that summer is here, BBQs and garden parties will be on the agenda. In fact, we are receiving request for a garden party already. Totally flattered by that, Thank you very much.  I love being the host. But before I start hosting any such event, the alcove needs to be refreshed. I would like to give it a more pretty, cosy, and traditional vibe.

Inspirations : https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/581879214329335474/


Doing Life

Adventures, He and I, Renovations

I am still around, just doing Life.

Making: Travel Plans! I hope that I will be crossing off at least nine items from my Travel Bucket list, this year.

Cooking: Udon. My in laws seem to love it. I made a fiery gingery batch, (how I like it) and apparently it tastes like Pho. Need to give that a go. Also my manager send out his family recipe for pancakes, maybe I’ll give that a go over the weekend.

Drinking: Taro Milk.

Reading: Emerald Street Subscriptions, which comes into my email, every day. They always have pretty ideas, which naturally leads to me spending more money, but also having fun. Lots of fun.

Wanting: More money. To travel and see above.

Looking: “Your face is so clear, but your eyes are so tired. Like so so darn tired.” That is what husband said.

Deciding: Where to go and what to do in Paris and Bergen.

Wishing: “If I was a rich girl, nanananana”  –Gwen Stefanie.

Enjoying: Getting home early from work and having an evening.

Waiting: For March bank Holiday.

Liking: That the weekend isn’t far off, and looking forward to Momos and baking.

Wondering: How much money I would make, if a book I wrote were published.

Loving: My new Nivea Tinted Moisturizer. Makes my skin glow!

Pondering: Whether there is a way, I could better structure and live my life, to be able to do everything I want to do and not run away from ‘responsibilities’

Watching: Mad Dogs. The American version.

Considering: Taking meditation classes.

Hoping: That the coming family trip to Africa is totally awesome.

Marveling: At how strong I really am. ‘You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only things you have’. So true.

Needing: A full body massage.

Smelling: Myrrh.  It makes the house smell like heaven.

Wearing:  Black jeans and a fleece top. Comfort, always comfort.

Following: Amy Turn Sharp. Her poems make me feel better and passionate about life.

Noticing: My skin clearing. I have started to take better care of it. Aloe Gel at night. Moisturizer every day. Hydrating Masks every week. A Facial every month. Drinking lots of water. Eating lots of fruits.

Knowing: Everything will get better.

Thinking: About finishing and publishing a book

Feeling: Restless.

Admiring: My mother. She is a strong woman.

Sorting: Ideas and things I can take as a solo traveler and on long haul flights to make it more interesting.

Buying: Little bits and pieces for above

Getting: Settled into my new job.

Bookmarking: Lonely Planet Guide’s Solo Travel handbook

Disliking: Having to wake up way too early.

Opening: My journal. To write a few ideas down.

Giggling: I just remembered how in Prague a friend’s boyfriend and I were drawing silly things on the snow-covered cars. I drew boobs, he drew willies.

Feeling: Thankful at how much I have achieved and how far I have come in life.

Snacking: Wasabi Peas

Coveting: These

Hearing: My neighbor’s canaries, in his backyard. They are the sweetest things.


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Bathing under the sky

He and I, Renovations

This picture makes me wish that I had a larger garden, with tall, tall fences, all around, where people on the outside, would stand on their tippy toes, or climb each other’s shoulders, just to get a peek. Well naturally because it all seems so very curious. And when they do, they would see a beautiful garden with flowers growing everywhere. Small shrubs of roses, fuchsias and camellias. A wildflower meadow. A mini sunflower field. An apple tree or two, perhaps a raspberry tree too; and hidden within all these beautiful flora, how odd, but is that a bathtub?

Who in their complete and right mind would even think of bathing outside of closed doors?

But imagine if you had all the privacy. A lovely bathtub nestled among the lush flowers and greeneries of your beautiful garden. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to wake up in the morning, walk out to your garden and take a refreshing shower/bath? And after, you could dry off naturally with the cool morning breeze, perhaps stop to pluck some apples and berries from your trees and even pick flowers for your home?


This picture is from a facebook page called Cottage Whimsy where I mostly find dreamy pictures as such!

Garden Highlights


Hooray for spring. The tulips are staring to bloom everywhere, and so before I get started with my Garden for this year, I wanted to share some highlights of the Garden, from last year.

White picket fence: I had always wanted to live in a house with white picket fence. I think it just goes and creates that “homely” feel.

Yellow picket fence: I loved the picket fence in my front yard so much, that I installed it on our backyard as well. I did this, to place flowerpots along the borders and grow flowers along it. I painted this fence yellow, because I love colours, and yellow is a very happy colour for me. Plus, it attracts butterflies, birds and bees, and they are good for the garden.

Bottles: Remember the centrepieces for our wedding? That’s right, the bottles! Since I had put so much time and effort into it, I didn’t feel like throwing them away after the wedding. Hence, I used them as decorative accessories in our front yard. It actually makes people stop and look at it for a while. I love it that people would stop and admire our hard work and effort.

Bird Houses: I love birds and bees and butterflies. I also love cute, pretty, colourful things. Every time we went to the country side, I couldn’t help buying these birdhouses. I have hung them on my back fence and I put some bird feed inside it. So far I have only seen a squirrel on it. Come on Birdies, these are for you!

Scarecrow: More like Fun-crow or cute-crow, there is absolutely nothing scary about it, but it makes the garden pretty.

Wild Flowers: I loved the look of the wildflower meadow when I went to Lake Distrcit the first time. This inspired me to grow my own wildflower garden.

Sunflowers: My favourite in the world! I hope my garden will always, always have sunflowers in them.


Wedding bottles as borders


It began with lots of mulching


Mulching and weeding


Clean lawn


Tulips through the picket fence


On a grey day, yellow makes it cheerful


Bird Houses line on a fence


Garden Accessory from an old broken fork


Our swing from Cuba


Wildflowers here


Wildflowers there


Wildflowers everywhere!


My favourite


My Cutie scarecrow and Sunny


All lined up!

Reading Nook


Winter is here!

Thus, I have my winter wardrobe out, the cuddly sweaters, warm fleece onesises, thick socks, poofball hats and large quantity of hot chocolate supplies. It also means spending a great deal of time, snuggling up in my favourite spot in the house.

My perfect little reading nook. And so, I wanted to share, ‘behind the scenes?’ details.

I used the smallest room in the house for this. This was already my craft room and my dressing room. Yet in the corner, I also managed to create myself a cosy reading space.

We brought home an old TV stand, which was lying in my dad in law’s shed. After up-cycling it with a good clean and fresh paint (Thanks to hubby dear), I placed it in the corner of the room. The shelves on the TV stand served to be a perfect space to keep my books and stationeries.

I then bought a Large Japanese nest chair and placed it on top of the stand. It was a perfect fit. The dark emerald green colour of this chair contrasts perfectly to the light pastel colours of the room.  This is the only piece of furniture with bold colour. I also find emerald green to be a calming colour.

Complete it with some of my favourite floppies and a cosy blanket and viola….


Subtle Halloween Set-up


With Dashain gone and out of the way, I can start with my Halloween set up.  While it is still two weeks away, I feel I already have some adaptable items in my house, which can be used as a foundation, well, for just about anything.

Like this, rustic wooden light, it gives the room the Gothic feel, which is always a good basis for a Halloween theme.


The dark door mat, with orange fore-colours, and an owl, it just screams of autumn.


Halloween means costumes, this beautiful Venetian Carnival mask peering out through the window, creates an eerie feel.


This dark, majestic chair quite fit for Dracula himself.


Look at this magical light shade, with the trees and branches stretching around, it forms a beautiful sight. When lit, the light escapes through the gaps and casts an enchanted forest against the walls and ceiling.


And lastly, what is this creature lurking in the toilet?