Weekend in East London

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Last weekend I decided to go visit my good friend Suzie. She lives all the way in the east side of London. Normally, it takes ages to reach from my side of London to hers, but, that day was different. There was a football match in my town, and normally it means chaos and crowds. I don’t like crowds very much, and so to avoid the chaos, I decided I would leave a little bit earlier than I intended to. And so you see, that is where it all went unexpected. I reached the suburban side of Suzie’s town, an hour and a half earlier than intended. Would she be home? Would I be welcome? It would be rude to appear at someone’s house, well before the time stated in the invite. And so, there was the dilemma. Would I wander around East London like a vagabond? It didn’t seem like a safe option, considering all the news and awful things happening in the region. I just had to be rude, I decided, so I called her.

Luckily she was home and ready to welcome me. After catching up, freshening up and some girly chitchat, she decided to take me out to a Chicken Wings place. A 20 minute walk from Stratford, we ended up near a canal where a number of restaurants, bars and eateries were all lined up. Randy’s Chicken Wings, it was called, and yes it specialized in all kinds of Chicken Wings. We ordered ourselves the Gangnam Wings, a Korean style marinated wings and the Bacon Buffalo wings, (Buffalo wings are my favorite), a side of fries and to not feel guilty, a side of salad, (you know, so that it balances it all out) ha! The table had a huge kitchen towel, a rustic looking bucket for bones, and out food was laid. See how delicious they look. Yes it was messy and good!

After devouring the delicious wings and sides, we decided to walk around the area, looking for this local brewery where Suzie had her birthday planned. We wandered around here and there, back and forth, but found the place eventually, in a very Berlin-esque environment. I loved it!

The next day was going to be an exciting day; we were going to the Flower markets. Columbia Road Flower market to be precise. We started the day at Liverpool Street, walking through the fascinating Brick lane, with its arty walls, vintage shops and lots of food stalls. We broke our fast with a mighty Salt-beef bagel.  Damn, it was delicious! And made our way to the Flower market.


It was buzzing. People,like bees went from one flower to another. Some held onto large green plants, while most had handful of colourful bouquets. We did plan to get there well early, before the mass of people started to roll in, but it was buzzing already by the time we got there. But still, it is so delightful and makes for a lovely Sunday morning.


After a relaxing hot chocolate at a cafe, we had to call it a day and an end to our girly weekend. As soon as I reached home, I laid out my purchase from the day into a vase.


Note: Thanks so much to Suzie, for having me over and taking me out on this charming adventure. It was a truly delightful weekend.
[Picture Credits: Suzie, Sweetpea]

The Caviar Man


Remember how we ended up at Sketch , but not in The Pink Room?

Well, we finally made a reservation and went. It was all very exciting! We booked ourselves an afternoon tea, and boy was it stylish.

We were served a variety of finger sandwiches, cakes and pastries, and off course scones with jam and clotted cream. And it wouldn’t be an afternoon tea, without the tea. The tea was bottom less and we could change to any flavor we wanted.


It was amusing, because the ‘workforce’ comprised of French chefs, Tea masters and the Caviar man. All dressed in Pink suit and a hat the caviar man was impressive and an interesting twist to make the experience all more urm… interesting I suppose.


The room was filled with funny art by David Shrigley, I didn’t know who he was until I came home and googled him. Lots of naked men stuff behind my head, if you can see the pictures.


The plates, cups and glasses we were served in were also amusing.  Check out for yourself.


This time we went during the day, so the lighting was much better. The pinkness in the room was more vivid and prettier than the last time we saw it. Everything inside is so adorable.


[Pictures by Petpot and Sweetpea]

Its been a year!

He and I

Crazy! Its been one year already! I cant beleieve I have been blogging for a whole year and I kept it up, [well with a little absence here and there], still kept it up.

I started this as a way to record all the funny conversations and moments I have with my husband, but soon I just wanted to write more and more and include whatever and anything I felt like. I love writing, and blogging has been like a practice for me to improve on it. Its been good for me on so many levels. I have let out frustration, (although I try not to so much on the blog, I want to keep it a mostly happy place), its kept me busy and working , doing something of quality rather than lazing around. I mean I even started writing poetry. A poet? Me? Well apparently!

I remember I used to love writing rhyming poems in school, ha! Wish I kept them stored somewhere. Some were really darn good for a 8 year old girl! I still remember, there was something about a train jorney that I wrote and all my freinds at primary school were so impressed by it.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading all about my adventures most of them can be found through here, my favourite poem so far check it here, and everything else that has been up. I have thrown amazing parties like this one. I have made amazing things together with hubs check it here. And there is still more to come!

Hope you enjoy it and I hope to be keeping this up regularly.

Yay! 1st ‘Blog-aversary!’ 🙂

Fairy Forest & Futuristic Loos


Fairy Forest and Futuristic loos?

A rather odd combination, is it not?

Ha, well I headed to Sketch London with my friend Petpot (that’s not her real name btw, its just something between me and her) a few days ago. The main intention was to visit the Pink velvet rooms, but since it was fully booked, we decided to sit and have a drink at the neighboring room, The Glade. This Glade was like an enchanted fairy forest. The walls had beautiful wallpapers with a forest theme. The deco was amazing, very stylish. The bar looked like it was out of a 20’s movie, and, the piano played itself at the corner , adding to that ‘charming-ness’.

We sat on one of their elegant and stylish sofa / settees and drank some fancy champagne cocktails. A bit pricey, but it was alright for the experience.

Just before we headed out, we went to the bathroom to freshen up and it was hilarious!

From a rustic , enchanted fairy garden, we entered into a futuristic, techno feel toilet. The toilets were individual pods and the lights were all like a giant Rubik’s cube. It was such a contrast that we stood there laughing for a while and taking pictures.

There seemed to be a little reception area in the toilet too. How funny!


Chocolate Trees and More


A few months ago, we headed to Kew gardens, London. It is such a beautiful place, and why wouldn’t it be? With all the beautiful flowers and plants, groomed and taken care of flawlessly, it is the perfect place for plant lovers. We decided to have a day out, picnic on the grounds, and enjoy the lovely weather that was upon us. We started at the most familiar building of Kew, The Palm House. There were lots of amazing plants in there. The Greenhouse was divided into different sections of the world and each plant had their own explanations and information next to them.

I noticed this adorable little staircase that people were walking up to. While climbing up those stairs, the heat inside increased. It was really really hot at the top, but the view was amazing.



We also went to the water lily house, as Sunny has this obsession with Water Lillies and he has been trying to grow some in our DIY pond for a while now. The leaves of the water lilies are amazing. I was so glad to see giant water lilies in here, it was like a scene off of the Swan Princess or any other Disney movies where you see little frogs hop on the water leaves.

See how huge they are! It’s insane.


We also walked past the Giant Orangery which is now a cafe / restaurant and into the Kew Palace. Being a history buff, I loved it. It has amazing pieces of Georgian furniture inside and a glimpse into the life in the Georgian times.

Another amazing project at Kew was the Beehive. It was like an immersive experience into the remarkable life of bees.


At the Princess of Wales conservatory there was so much variety! We were impressed with Chocolate trees, and all the variety of Cacti and succulents. There were some cacti outside of the conservatory, which got me really excited. You can grow large cacti in the UK? I would love to have a small cacti section in my backyard. There were also some aquatic plants and aquatic life in the conservatory.



We also walked along the collection of amazingly displayed rockeries and the plant varieties there. It was truly magnificent. I am in love with succulents and alpines and I do have a large collection of this at my garden. It really inspired me to create a rockery of my own.

Kew garden is so huge. We bought day tickets and got there early in the morning, but we still weren’t able to cover all of it. There is so much choice and varieties available.


The highlight for me was walking along the sections of Giant Rhododendron trees. Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal and I don’t believe I had ever seen such large trees in my life before. I had come across small shrubs and bushes, but nothing as glorious as these. I coincidentally happened to be carrying a Pink bag, which matched amazingly with the glorious flowers.


Birthday Week!

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Its birthday week this week!

A lot has been going on since my last post. First, I have learnt that I might be at a risk of being made redundant, which is a total bust. There is so much to think about. First, would be the normal like paying bills, and mortgage etc. The second thing and also the thing that really upset me, is having to hold back my holiday plans. It is really frustrating not having that financial security of a sort. I have had to think about saving up in case I don’t get a job in time and I need to have enough to be able to pay the daily, ‘grown-up’ bills. I would also then have to find a job, and save up enough all over again to be able to start travelling and going on exciting adventures. Eurghh! So this is a big thumb down in my life right now.

Apart from that, I have been extremely busy in preparations for a traditional event for my brother. It is a religious Hindu ceremony where he in ‘simple terms’, can now become a ‘student’ of Hinduism. It is quite a big event, coming second to a wedding ceremony. So we have had lots of family come over. We have a house full of people and I have been busy catering to them and in organising the event. The celebrations finally finished last weekend, and it was a tremendous success.

I am now looking forward to celebrating my birthday. I know it’s going to be a special one as I will have all my extended family to celebrate with.

I will be back with exciting things again! I promise!  Just need to get things back on track again.

That’s all for now!

No Talent


What talent?,  she asked
do you posses?

Never been much of a dancer
nor did she sing.
Wasn’t into  instruments,
no brass or woodwind nor string.

Afraid to answer,
she shrugged a shoulder

afraid of laughter
afraid of jeers

“I can write,”
she whispered.

She was greeted with laughter,
greeted with jeer.

When people ask you to show your talent,
what will you do?
Write them story?
Haha Haha Hehe Hehe.