My name is Sweeda and I am married to wonderful man named Chigs. But refer to us as Sweet-pea and Sunflower (Sunny). This works out perfectly, considering Sweet-peas and Sunflowers are my favourite flowers. Hence the name of the site.

I am a writer, blogger, festival goer, true love believer and lover of all things bright, colourful, cute and pretty.

I started with blog writing at blogspot, however I found it to be quite restrictive in terms of the things I wanted to do. It started off as being a space to write about the humorous and amusing situations I face every day with my husband to include everything else that I felt I wanted to share with the world.

So I hope you take delight in this little world of Sweet-pea and Sunflower.

Come into our world and enjoy the weird and wondrous things we get up to.