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I have but one request for this week.

Send me some positive vibes! I need that kind of energy with me this week!


Bathing under the sky

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This picture makes me wish that I had a larger garden, with tall, tall fences, all around, where people on the outside, would stand on their tippy toes, or climb each other’s shoulders, just to get a peek. Well naturally because it all seems so very curious. And when they do, they would see a beautiful garden with flowers growing everywhere. Small shrubs of roses, fuchsias and camellias. A wildflower meadow. A mini sunflower field. An apple tree or two, perhaps a raspberry tree too; and hidden within all these beautiful flora, how odd, but is that a bathtub?

Who in their complete and right mind would even think of bathing outside of closed doors?

But imagine if you had all the privacy. A lovely bathtub nestled among the lush flowers and greeneries of your beautiful garden. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to wake up in the morning, walk out to your garden and take a refreshing shower/bath? And after, you could dry off naturally with the cool morning breeze, perhaps stop to pluck some apples and berries from your trees and even pick flowers for your home?


This picture is from a facebook page called Cottage Whimsy where I mostly find dreamy pictures as such!

Wrestl’n Vaseline

He and I

Remember when you were young and you did silly things, like put a t-shirt on your head and pretend you are a bride, or use a ruler as a gun and pretend you are cop, or put on your mom’s makeup and high heels and pretend to be a ‘bossy’ lady at work? This is one such story.

Fish and I sat watching TV at her house, when out of the blue we started to hear odd grunting coming from upstairs. We looked at each other, our expressions clearly saying, “What on earth?”  Fish put her finger to her mouth, shushing me, and we stealthily climbed up the stairs. What mischief were her brothers up to? They were always up to something, those little rascals!

Halfway through the stairs, we peered into the landing. And there, we saw it!

Standing in front of the full length mirror, was her youngest brother, his top half bare. His body was glistening. He stood in front of the mirror. He posed. He flexed. He rubbed his chest.

“What are you doing?” we jumped at him, laughing. He mumbled something as he made a run for it. I caught the word ‘Wrestling’, Fish heard, ‘Vaseline’.

Walk in the woods

Adventures, He and I

Hubby was a little bit nervous, I could tell. I was driving down a narrow ‘country’ road. I mean, there was this narrow lane that was going to take us into a forest, just a few minutes’ drive from our house. I was very excited, and as a new driver this new ‘country’ lane, so empty and bare was a pleasant drive for me.

“OK, OK, slow down,” he said, “let’s look for a place to park.”  Just there on the left, I found a big ditch, which led to a parking, oh it was all so muddy and full of puddles. Again, I was excited, I have really wanted to drive across a puddle, but he got nervous again, “Make sure not to get into the puddle OK,” Splash! In and out of the puddle I went and parked it into a bay.

This woodland was magnificent. I thought it would be nothing much, but, from the point we started and every step further into the forest we went; it got deeper and enchanting.  My excitement grew. I imagined coming across forest creatures, or at least some woodland critters. Some badgers, hares, deer, porcupines. At one point, I swear I saw little Bambi, crossing through the path to the other side of trees. It was too fast, I couldn’t take pictures.

The sun peered through the gaps between the trees, and created enchanting vision along the way. Although the sun was shining, we could hear the wind roaring too. We could see the leaves above us sway. The branches creaked. We heard some howling. It was the wind, or it could have been a baby, I don’t know. Or maybe it was a fox, we just couldn’t see it, so perfectly camouflaged between all the orange leaves on the ground.

We walked hand in hand down the winding paths, coming across large fallen tree trunks. Some were dry and bare; some were green with moss growing all over. Some were hollow, perhaps a home, maybe a rabbit’s burrow?  More muddy puddles. Zillions of leaves on the ground. From a distant it looked like the ground was covered in orange and brown confetti.

I even saw the perfect location to host my woodland party. How exciting! A great location, and not even too far from the house.


Poofball hat

He and I

A few years ago a friend and I were out shopping, when I came across a huge selection of poofball hats, and I wanted to buy her one. I always think that poofball hats look so adorable on girls with fringes, and she has this adorable fringe which frames her face so perfectly. She also has really adorable rosy cheeks. So you see what I mean, cute fringe, rosy cheeks, poofball hats? Isn’t that an adorable combination?

I talked about buying her one and she said that she didn’t like them on her but she loves them on others. I felt the same way. I love them on others but not on myself. I have a small face and a fringe would cover up my face, thus I never really grew a fringe. I tried, but then I grew it out again very soon. Not to mention I have frizzy, curly hair. For this reason my logic was, if I didn’t have a fringe, I didn’t want to wear a poofball hat.

Now a few years later, I walk into a supermarket to buy some broccoli tender stems, I really fancied them for dinner tonight, and I came across this lovely stall of poofball hats. There was black and white and peach and blue and cream but the one colour that really drew me was this beautiful brown.

Maybe it was a roundabout influence of autumn, it kind of screamed ‘Aren’t I a beautiful colour of Autumn?’ to me. I do have a weakness for things that are Autumn associated. But, oh well I bought one . It is a gorgeous brown colour. It has a massive poofball. I cannot wait for the weather to be cooler to wander the streets wearing it.

All hallows eve

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It was only a simple gathering.

Dinner with friends
Outside by the blazing fire
A hearty lasagna

Halloween decorations scattered around
A spiderweb, a tombstone , skeleton , masks.
Pumpkins laid on table. Carving them
Funny faces , scary faces.

Rum for the ghouls
Painted faces.
Some witchy laughs and spells
And games , not for the light hearted

That is how our Halloween started.