Bucket List Update


Have I lived my life to the fullest?

A little reminder of all the things that I have ever wanted to do (travel wise) and all the ones that I would like to in my lifetime. I love, how having a travel bucket list, has been such a positive impact on me. I am due another stock check soon. It really does help to see where I am now, and, where I would like to be, and set in motion the things I dream of.

Sometimes I forget, but look at all the places I have been to and the fun that I have had. I must remember, this list is so limited compared to my actual life, there have been so many other adventures I have had before this list, some that are not even on the list, which have blown my mind. And others that I have just not had the time to write it up. Some that I probably felt so inspired by, but then forgotten about it, ( as you do with life getting in the way). 🙂

Do you have a travel bucket list?

Lets see what I have done to date 🙂

Live in San Fransisco


Go on a road trip in the States


Go camping in Yosemite


See the wild life in Alaska 


Go to a Jazz bar in New Orleans


Eat amazing food in New Orleans


Ann of Green Gables - Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island


DisneyWorld Orlando


Stay at Flamingo Las Vegas 


Stay in tree house in Scotland


See seals


See otters


Stay in a cosy cottage


Bibury Village


Kenilworth castle


Wear Dutch clogs in Holland


Drink champagne in Champagne, France


James Bond style weekend in Monaco


See the fjords in Norway


Drink Guinness in an Irish Pub in Ireland




Moulin Rouge 


Visit Portumna castle in Ireland


Dracula’s castle


Visit a Turkish/public bath


Buy something from a Turkish market in Istanbul


Disneyland Paris


Eat octopus burger in Berlin


Drink at a medieval tavern in Prague


Dress up and attend Venice carnival


Drink wine and eat olives in Tuscany


Leaning tower of Pisa


Cheese tour in France


Plitvice National Lake – Croatia


French Wine road trip


Dead sea


Machu Picchu


Turtles in Galapagos


Cruise the Amazon


Drink Mojito in Cuba


Bathe in a Japanese Onsen


Stay in a traditional ryokan


Watch a sumo wrestling


Watch the sunrise in the Himalayas


Dandia in Rajasthan


Mesopotamian Ruins


Walk the Great wall of China


See the Terracotta army 


Ride a boat in Fewa Taal - Pokhara


Tea gardens of Darjeeling 


Eat Momo in Darjeeling


See Penguins/Polar bears - Antarctica / Arctic


Hobbitton in New Zealand


Dark forests - Night sky


Get stuck in a traffic of sheep


Northern Lights


Watch a live world cup match


Hot Air Balloon Ride


Bathe under a waterfall, ANY waterfall!


Skinny dip, on any body of water


Camp at a festival


See the lion king den


African safari and wildlife




He and I, Poetry

What is a muse?

“A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.”

I like to think of myself as a muse. Maybe I am. Maybe I am not.

I saw some creative words on the internet today and I decided to mash them into my own thing and created a cryptic message for my friend:

  1. Because I am nice
  2. Because it is such wonderful statement
  3. Because it lifted her spirits and brought her some joy (I hope)
  4. Because I like spreading kindness around, especially to people I know. It is more real that way.

On the spot, I sent her this:

Foxtrot Romeo India echo November delta Lima Yankee  Romeo echo mike India November delta echo Romeo ~

Yankee Oscar uniform  alpha Romeo echo  golf Oscar Lima delta, golf India Romeo Lima.

Sierra Oscar Lima India delta  Golf Oscar Lima delta!

Norwegian wilderness


I went in search of magical creatures. Why, of course they are real. Mermaids, nymphs, trolls, ogres, pixies, goblins, fairies, name them all and if you look hard enough, you just might find them.  Perhaps a quick glimpse, before they vanish right before your eyes. Perhaps they will seduce you with their intoxicating beauty and music. Perhaps you will live to tell the tale. Perhaps you will die.

I lived to tell the tale.

I set off on an incredible adventure in the Norwegian wilderness. Along the journey, I saw majestic waterfalls. So many that I lost count. I crossed the rocky, rugged cliffs. I delved deep into nature. Made friends with trolls, some scary, some friendly. I climbed high on blinding, snowy mountains, met some friendly goats.  The scenery and landscape took my breath away. I sailed on shimmering waters, violent rapids, and past magnificent fjords.

And then I heard it. The most beautiful sound ever. A song. A hum. It started slow and soothing. It got louder, and I knew I was closer, or was it closing in on me? Then, perched on the edge of a giant and powerful waterfall I saw her. A huldra! Dressed in a ravishing red dress, with flowing golden hair, she danced to her song. Drawing me and other humans alike towards her.

Had it not been for the clackety clack and a screechy stop of a train in the distant, perhaps …



The Red Mill


I have titled this The Red Mill, because well… Moulin Rouge!

That was the main reason I ever wanted to visit Paris. I never had any other interest or fascination of going to Paris otherwise. But I am so glad I went. I saw. I learned. I had a brilliant time, and I liked Paris.

The highlight of the whole trip obviously was Moulin Rouge. The show was amazing. The costumes were brilliant. Dazzling, vivid, bright. Reds, Pinks, Silver, Golds, Glitters, Crystals, Velvet, Lace, Feathers, Boobs, Bums. We got a whole bottle of champagne between us and I drank well, without getting drunk or having a hangover.

Like always, I do the Walking tour, if the city provides one. I have done many of these walking tours in many European cities, but this tour guide was the best. He had abundant knowledge on the history of the city and he was entertaining, full of jokes, puns, and amazing stories. I was amazed to learn that Paris is a ‘new-ish’ city built around the 1850s. I never realized that the Notre Dame had a much more deeper story than what the eye sees. It was a shame I was unable to go up top and see the gargoyles, but maybe for next time.

I ate frog legs. Lots of cheese. Lots of bread. Ham and Cheese baguette. I bought a beret. I wore the beret. Saw people fight and argue passionately. Rode on the local bus. made sure not to get sucked into tourist traps and scams. Basically just had a good time.

I’ll let the pictures say more. 🙂

Doing Life

Adventures, He and I, Renovations

I am still around, just doing Life.

Making: Travel Plans! I hope that I will be crossing off at least nine items from my Travel Bucket list, this year.

Cooking: Udon. My in laws seem to love it. I made a fiery gingery batch, (how I like it) and apparently it tastes like Pho. Need to give that a go. Also my manager send out his family recipe for pancakes, maybe I’ll give that a go over the weekend.

Drinking: Taro Milk.

Reading: Emerald Street Subscriptions, which comes into my email, every day. They always have pretty ideas, which naturally leads to me spending more money, but also having fun. Lots of fun.

Wanting: More money. To travel and see above.

Looking: “Your face is so clear, but your eyes are so tired. Like so so darn tired.” That is what husband said.

Deciding: Where to go and what to do in Paris and Bergen.

Wishing: “If I was a rich girl, nanananana”  –Gwen Stefanie.

Enjoying: Getting home early from work and having an evening.

Waiting: For March bank Holiday.

Liking: That the weekend isn’t far off, and looking forward to Momos and baking.

Wondering: How much money I would make, if a book I wrote were published.

Loving: My new Nivea Tinted Moisturizer. Makes my skin glow!

Pondering: Whether there is a way, I could better structure and live my life, to be able to do everything I want to do and not run away from ‘responsibilities’

Watching: Mad Dogs. The American version.

Considering: Taking meditation classes.

Hoping: That the coming family trip to Africa is totally awesome.

Marveling: At how strong I really am. ‘You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only things you have’. So true.

Needing: A full body massage.

Smelling: Myrrh.  It makes the house smell like heaven.

Wearing:  Black jeans and a fleece top. Comfort, always comfort.

Following: Amy Turn Sharp. Her poems make me feel better and passionate about life.

Noticing: My skin clearing. I have started to take better care of it. Aloe Gel at night. Moisturizer every day. Hydrating Masks every week. A Facial every month. Drinking lots of water. Eating lots of fruits.

Knowing: Everything will get better.

Thinking: About finishing and publishing a book

Feeling: Restless.

Admiring: My mother. She is a strong woman.

Sorting: Ideas and things I can take as a solo traveler and on long haul flights to make it more interesting.

Buying: Little bits and pieces for above

Getting: Settled into my new job.

Bookmarking: Lonely Planet Guide’s Solo Travel handbook

Disliking: Having to wake up way too early.

Opening: My journal. To write a few ideas down.

Giggling: I just remembered how in Prague a friend’s boyfriend and I were drawing silly things on the snow-covered cars. I drew boobs, he drew willies.

Feeling: Thankful at how much I have achieved and how far I have come in life.

Snacking: Wasabi Peas

Coveting: These

Hearing: My neighbor’s canaries, in his backyard. They are the sweetest things.


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Spoon Guy

He and I

Yesterday, a friend on facebook wrote “Today I saw a man eat a Donut with a Spoon”.

Today, he wrote “Today I saw a man eat chocolate digestive with a spoon.”

Yes the same man.

“The spoon guy?,” someone asked.

Two days , and he had already built a reputation. The spoon guy!

What a fascinating man. And now here I sit wondering, what else does this fascinating spoon guy use a spoon for? Crisps? Chocolate bar?

How about drinks? Juice? Water? Does he gulp them down or savour them one spoon at a time?