Let’s be a wine snob

I love red wine. I really do not know a lot about wine. I know that they are fermented grapes, but I have also had plum wine and rice wine. This piece is purely about the grape one. Did you know that there has been so much resource gone into research about the source of…

Escape though books

I am desperate for a holiday. Everybody likes a change of scene and it is most definitely needed / wanted right now. Last week I was meant to be in Nice / Monaco but with all that is currently going on we cancelled it. I dressed up in my holiday clothes at home, watched casino…


I hope I am always kind always full of curiosity I hope I always draw you to me Like a magnet like gravity

Loss of innocence

The day I first lost a little innocence realized wolves were everywhere my only safe place was a chapel then I realized God wasn’t all that and I knew that I would always be a little bit sad

Things I do well

I can write you a poem Soften your heart Make you tell me secrets Sing you a song Tell dad jokes Hide my sadness Make great tomato soup Throw a party Especially themed ones Let you be your truest self Appear happy Remember how you make me feel

The power of baked goods

It’s been raining and very windy outside and I have been making so much food. Do you believe in the uplifting power of baked goods? Husband and I made many things in the oven over the weekend. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary in our house. Cups of coffee, a cold glass of milk,…

The ‘escort’ in my hotel room

Did I ever tell you the story of an escort in my hotel room? No. Well then, read on. That morning had started out pleasantly. Early morning flight to Berlin, husband dropped Petpot and me to the airport. Since Petpot was unable to attend my surprise party (read about that here), she had planned this…