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My best friend’s getting married soon, and the location is out of this world, it is a walk through woodlands to somewhere exhilarating. Just wait till you see where it is, mind you though, it will be a long wait (the wedding is next year, and I am not sharing pictures until then, it’s also probably a secret and she hasn’t told others yet).

So, there I was, on Pinterest, browsing through Woodland weddings. A picture leads me to a post, and then onto something else, after a chain of following one image link to another, I came upon this glorious art installation on this page http://www.runeguneriussen.no/ Seriously, check it out for yourself. This made me want to throw my own woodland party. Isn’t it brilliant?

Maybe for my 30th? A wild woodland, wilderness party, wouldn’t that be lovely?  Lots and lots of lampshades hanging from tree tops. Lights in the dense forest leading the way.  Deeper and deeper you walk, until finally you come to a big plain. Away from all the chaos and racket of the world. Under the cover of the twinkling sky. You will find people sitting cosily wrapped up in blankets. Some are standing, drinking, chatting. Children dancing around the fire with fun adults alike (and hopefully some responsible adults minding the children of course).  Perhaps we will be visited by elves, fairies and gnomes. Goblins, imps and trolls. Perhaps even a unicorn. (Costume party, perhaps?)

It will be magical. We shall be singing, dancing, storytelling.


[Image from http://www.runeguneriussen.no/]

This is a picture of us at one such magical place a few years ago.





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Hubby and I have just finished celebrating, six years of us, and also his birthday. Last year, I organised a Postcard Project for him. This year, well, this year:

I wrote him a love note.

I bought him a ticket to this.

I mailed them to him like this.


I bought him a bottle of his favourite rum.

I wrote him a note to go along.


It was a quiet, simple celebration. And then, my parents threw him a dinner party; and we lit all 36 candles on the cake!



I will write you a letter

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IMG_1805IMG_1811IMG_1824IMG_1838IMG_1852I came across happy mail a while ago, on one of my favourite blog ohhappyday.com. It has the cutest ideas from parties to general everyday stuff that basically makes me want to celebrate every little thing about life, every single day! I decided to have a go at writing my own happy mail recently. So far, I have written and posted three, and you see, I got really sucked into this whole new world of mail art. I love writing and it was so delightful to come across a whole group of an online community who actually do this. So browsing through the net I came upon an Instagram page of Naomi Bulger. She specialises in happy mail and mail art stuff and lots of other amazing things, go on follow her and find out. While reading through her blog, I stumbled upon one of her projects, called a thousand postcards, and got really inspired to do the same. However instead of using postcards I thought I would use some of her mail art templates and ideas to write letters and start a project of my own. Surely a thousand was too ambitious for me. I don’t even know a thousand people. I decided I would be less ambitious and start off with 100.
I am picking people at random, my selection process will probably include but I won’t limit it to these ; people who would absolutely be grateful for this, people who would least expect it; and people who think letter writing is soppy and wouldn’t have a care for it. Do I really want to write to the last kind? I did mull over this, but then I decided I am going to do this out of generosity and kindness and do it nonetheless.
Writing is such an amazing thing. For me personally, it helps me communicate much better. It helps me let it all out, it makes my mind wander, and though it sounds bizarre, it makes me feel all tingly. Taking time out of my day to pen a note to someone, I would be a liar to say I would not care for gratitude and acknowledgement. I am after all human, but, I have decided I am doing this and once I have written and posted the mail that’s it, no chase ups, no follow ups, and no questions.
Hopefully, I will have made someone’s day brighter, or maybe inspired someone else to do the same thing, or just generally put a small smile upon their faces, even if it is a little one.
I don’t know what I will write about. The letters I have already written included small gifts, poetry and random facts about me. But I see now, that there are so many ideas and information available on the World Wide Web and so I am not too concerned about what to write.
I may put up some of them on my blog. It would depend on a lot of things I suppose, but, I would definitely like to share some.
So here I go, starting off with a new project.

Certainly keeping myself busy!


Birthday Week!

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Its birthday week this week!

A lot has been going on since my last post. First, I have learnt that I might be at a risk of being made redundant, which is a total bust. There is so much to think about. First, would be the normal like paying bills, and mortgage etc. The second thing and also the thing that really upset me, is having to hold back my holiday plans. It is really frustrating not having that financial security of a sort. I have had to think about saving up in case I don’t get a job in time and I need to have enough to be able to pay the daily, ‘grown-up’ bills. I would also then have to find a job, and save up enough all over again to be able to start travelling and going on exciting adventures. Eurghh! So this is a big thumb down in my life right now.

Apart from that, I have been extremely busy in preparations for a traditional event for my brother. It is a religious Hindu ceremony where he in ‘simple terms’, can now become a ‘student’ of Hinduism. It is quite a big event, coming second to a wedding ceremony. So we have had lots of family come over. We have a house full of people and I have been busy catering to them and in organising the event. The celebrations finally finished last weekend, and it was a tremendous success.

I am now looking forward to celebrating my birthday. I know it’s going to be a special one as I will have all my extended family to celebrate with.

I will be back with exciting things again! I promise!  Just need to get things back on track again.

That’s all for now!

We are all mad here!

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Looking through my phone, I came across some pictures of my old ‘craft’, I’ll probably lose them, so why not put it up on the World Wide Web?

Last year, I threw Sunny an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. It was also an item from his bucket list, to host a garden party, and so we did. I had a go at making my own cut-outs of some of the characters from the story. There was Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and the Cheshire cat, scattered around my garden.


Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and The Hare with some sign posts reading This Way, That way and etc.


The White Rabbit


See the Mad hatter on the fence


Cheshire Cat


Had a go at trying to make the Caterpillar and his den


This was The Den


Check out the doors with the cute drink me bottles


We are all mad here!


With all the hustle and bustle of the party and preparations (I mean I was hosting a party for c.80 people) we totally forgot to take pictures during the party! And I was wearing my  shimmery , shiny, golden Jacket too!

The Orangery

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One of my closest friend (the circle is very small) is getting married soon. Since graduating from university, we have moved on up in life. I got a job, bought a house, married my sweetheart; while, she got a job in a new city and moved away. We lost touch in between, but soon got back in contact as I saw the news of her engagement on the papers. Now, we live about 90 miles away from each other, and it isn’t convenient to meet up all the time.

Two months from now, she is getting married, and so I arranged for a very intimate bridal shower for her, and by intimate I mean – just the two of us. And why not? It gives us all the time in the world to catch up with no distractions and obligation to attend to every other person.

I know that her wedding has an old English charm to it, so I went for a similar effect for this bridal shower. I arranged for us to have an Afternoon Tea at The Orangery in Kensington Palace, and its Orangery is magnificent.

A bit of history about this Orangery; The Orangery was built at Kensington palace for Queen Anne in 1704. She wanted this, so she could protect her beloved citrus trees from the harsh winter weathers. However, this elaborate design of the Orangery with its soaring ceiling, and graceful architecture, didn’t escape the Queen’s sight. She started using this for her court entertainment.

Anyway, check us out below , sipping tea and indulging in the sweet treats.


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…And the Oscar goes to

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I love throwing parties, and if I am throwing it for someone, I expect it to have a big impact. So, this year was the sister’s 40th birthday, and we threw her a Glamorous Golden-y Oscar’s [Academy] Awards themed party.

It’s no secret that she loves all the glamour and charm, and, it was the perfect opportunity to throw her, her very own glamorous party. We had it all. The red carpet, the papps, the journalists, the awards and the fashion. (It wouldn’t be an Oscar’s night, without the fashion!)

Everone was dressed to impress and it was a fantastic night!

The first step was to address the idea to the brother in law. After speaking to him about it, we were all on board and set to go. I contacted everyone we wanted to invite and waited for RSVP. We had to change the dates a few times, but in the end we were faring so far from the actual birthday, we had to settle on a date.

So, how on earth was I going to throw a grand Oscar’s themed party? One thing was certain. It was going to be golden! We started with lots of golden tassels and foils. I even purchased large golden fringed curtains.  It was a perfect backdrop for the photos. We had the photo props.  We laid out a ‘Red Carpet’ in the hallway. We had some interviewers and journalists, all set with their colourful microphones. The Paparazzo’s were clicking away to get the best pictures. I also printed off some VIP signs, and designed a ‘fact sheet’ for the year she was born. Realised later that the year was incorrect. 

We had sparkly drinks, both alcoholic and other. Each had their Oscar-ey or movie themed labels on them. The plates were golden, there were two sets of napkins in gold and ‘glamorous’ black. The cake had sparkly candles. We even sprayed the cake gold, all edible off course.

Finally, the highlight of it all was the awards ceremony. I hosted the awards. We had the presenters and the movie clips and while everyone was nominated, and got to participate, there could only be one winner, well eight winners (since we had eight categories).  But it all added to the fun!

Check out the pics!

So to everyone who couldn’t make it, you were missed, but we felt your spirit! And to all who were present, without you it wouldn’t have been as grand.  Thank you for immersing yourself completely into the event.

And, to dear sis, we hope you had a blast!

Much Love .