Everything was illuminated

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Today I am posting about the details of the bottles which I crafted and decorated to have as centerpieces for our wedding. Where I can, I have included pictures of the bottles, and others are words on the stickers that were placed on the bottles.

I have chosen the title as Everything was illuminated, this is a play on words from the book and movie of the same name Everything is illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer.

The movie is Sunny’s favourite movie and the title highlights that when you are going in search of answers, look for and at the  details  and look past the things that are brightly illuminated. The answers will be right there. Illuminating, Enlightening and Revealing all.

Indeed past all the silvery shine and the golden glitters of the bottles and decorations , the stories on each bottle illuminated, enlightened and revealed to all who were curious about our journey and love.

So you see, Everything was illuminated.

These are the pictures of the Bottles that were captured in the wedding photos.


Below are pictures of the labels I made for the bottles. Some of the stories might be repeats but this was the only copy I could find to include all stories.



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