Garden Highlights


Hooray for spring. The tulips are staring to bloom everywhere, and so before I get started with my Garden for this year, I wanted to share some highlights of the Garden, from last year.

White picket fence: I had always wanted to live in a house with white picket fence. I think it just goes and creates that “homely” feel.

Yellow picket fence: I loved the picket fence in my front yard so much, that I installed it on our backyard as well. I did this, to place flowerpots along the borders and grow flowers along it. I painted this fence yellow, because I love colours, and yellow is a very happy colour for me. Plus, it attracts butterflies, birds and bees, and they are good for the garden.

Bottles: Remember the centrepieces for our wedding? That’s right, the bottles! Since I had put so much time and effort into it, I didn’t feel like throwing them away after the wedding. Hence, I used them as decorative accessories in our front yard. It actually makes people stop and look at it for a while. I love it that people would stop and admire our hard work and effort.

Bird Houses: I love birds and bees and butterflies. I also love cute, pretty, colourful things. Every time we went to the country side, I couldn’t help buying these birdhouses. I have hung them on my back fence and I put some bird feed inside it. So far I have only seen a squirrel on it. Come on Birdies, these are for you!

Scarecrow: More like Fun-crow or cute-crow, there is absolutely nothing scary about it, but it makes the garden pretty.

Wild Flowers: I loved the look of the wildflower meadow when I went to Lake Distrcit the first time. This inspired me to grow my own wildflower garden.

Sunflowers: My favourite in the world! I hope my garden will always, always have sunflowers in them.


Wedding bottles as borders


It began with lots of mulching


Mulching and weeding


Clean lawn


Tulips through the picket fence


On a grey day, yellow makes it cheerful


Bird Houses line on a fence


Garden Accessory from an old broken fork


Our swing from Cuba


Wildflowers here


Wildflowers there


Wildflowers everywhere!


My favourite


My Cutie scarecrow and Sunny


All lined up!


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