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Today I am posting about a present I made for my best friend. We have been best friends since high school, but then, I moved away (well because my family did, and I had to with them). It was a really sad day for both of us. However, we maintained our friendship all these years and I am so glad to say that to this day, we are still the best of friends. She is also a great inspiration to me in terms of crafts and arts. I don’t think I would have taken so much interest in crafts otherwise.

This year for her birthday, I decided to make her something using embroidery hoops. I am terrible at sewing and so I wanted to create something that required no sewing, but, still used embroidery hoops. After experimenting with a lot of things, I got the perfect idea. I was going to make her a letter holder. Materials I used were: an embroidery hoop, 2 felt fabrics, washi tape, linen glue, craft button and scissors.


The next part was packaging this, to send it all the way to Sydney (That’s where she lives). After having created such a pretty (if I may say so myself) gift, I didn’t want the packaging to be drab. I wanted to create a happy, colourful, lively packaging, something that would cheer her up just by looking at it. I printed out some printable pictures from Oh Happy days and cut and paste them onto the envelope. I also created a colourful ‘address label’ to paste onto the envelope.



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